The Wonderful Wedding of Q and U

Last week was the WONDERFUL wedding of Q and U. This is one of my favorite phonics lessons the entire year! It is so meaningful for the kids and one of those special memories of Kindergarten! : )

 The Happy Couple
I bought the large wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and then painted and decorated them. 

For a wedding gift, we made a quilt for Q and U. Each child made a quilt square that included a qu word and a picture. Download the quilt free HERE. 

Here is a close up of a few.

 Wedding Time! Q and U even chose the traditional wedding march for their big entrance! 

The Wedding Cake
I just bought a few packages of the Little Debbie Fancy Cakes and then stacked them into tiers. Then, I just added paper hearts and a topper. 


If you are looking for a great resource for the Q an U wedding, check this out. It's from Kathleen at Growing Kinders. I love the book she created to go with it and her wedding ceremony wording is HILARIOUS! 

Have a wonderful Saturday! 
Check back tomorrow for a HUGE post on Easter and Chicks : )