Back 2 School SALE

It's time for the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale! Woo hoo! I have already started moving things from my wish list to my cart! : ) I love back to school time, but it's also really stressful! Make your life a little bit easier this school year by picking up some goodies. Click HERE to visit my store and here are a few favorite items from my store:



August Currently

Oh my! It's August! This is so scary! I always look forward to this fun linky party every month with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade. Click here to link up!

I am LOVING that we have just about finalized our honeymoon plans! We are going to Antigua! This wedding thing has been so stressful, it feels really good to start checking things off of the list! I can't wait a vacation!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since the beginning of July. Ah : ( This month was so busy with CASA training, weekend trips, wedding planning, bunko, working at school and I even had a garage sale! I'm ready to get back in the swing of things!

I am WANTING to feel better! Back in May I had mono and was so miserable. And, I am feeling the same way again. It's terrible. I'm going next week to have blood work done and hopefully see what is going on. I'm having anxiety about starting off this school year sick. 

I am really NEEDING to work up at school. We have no air at school for the summer and with temperatures over 100, it is miserable. And, since I haven't felt good it has been hard for me to go up there. In the mean time I have been preparing everything on my computer and working on planning.

Back to School Must Haves
1. A First Day of School Outfit: Growing up I always got a new outfit for the first day of school. New shoes, new hairbow, the whole shabang! Even now, I still like having a new and cute outfit for the first day. I am still on the hunt for this years new outfit!
2. Snacks: I get so use to eating whenever during the summer that I feel like I'm starving when I start school back! So, I must have yummy snacks in my classroom for me to munch on. Some of my favorites are: Cheez Its, candy, and cereal. Healthy right?
3. Smelly Markers: I love smelly markers! I use them all the time for interactive writing. The kids who volunteer to come and write get a smelly smile on their hand. So, everyone wants to write! : )

Happy August everyone!