BIG Book Bin Love and Giveaway!

I LOVE children's books. I 'm pretty sure that is a qualification to be an elementary school teacher. This is how I store my bazillion books. 

I know I am spoiled with my great shelves! I love having all of my books in individual bins by theme and month. It makes it really easy for me to plan. I just have to grab the bin and all of my books are right there. 

My biggest pet peeve about my books are the ones that don't fit in the bins. That is so annoying to me and makes my shelf look cluttered and unorganized. : (

Annoying right? And every time I pull out a bin all of the "un-bin" books fall over. Ugh.
 Well, my problem has been officially solved.

Steps to Literacy has redesigned their books bins to make them bigger and stronger! Look! Now even my nice big hardback books fit in my bin : )

I searched all through my collection to try and find a book that I couldn't fit in the bin. And, I couldn't find one! : )
LOOK! They can even hold 3 inch binders! 

Wait there's more...These books bins come in the CUTEST colors!! 

Can you tell that I am obsessed with them? 

Want to win a set of 20 Book Bins to use in your classroom? (Of course you do!)
Steps to Literacy is helping me give away 2 sets to my readers! 

Use Rafflecopter to enter the BIG Book Bin Giveaway.

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Good luck everyone! 
Make sure and check out the Steps to Literacy website and order yourself a free 2013 catalog. They have some wonderful products for classroom organization and literacy instruction. I definitely have a nice little wish list going. 
Enjoy your evening friends!


Oh where, Oh where have I been?

Hello Blogging Friends,
I have disappeared for a week or two, but I have big news...
If everything goes as planned, I will be a homeowner on February 28th. I am so blessed and excited. 

I just wanted to pop in and tell you my exciting news. 

Check back tomorrow for a BIG giveaway for one of my new favorite products. : )


Love and iPod excitement is in the air

This has been the craziest week! I feel tonight was the first time I sat down all week. I finally finished my door on Monday. If you don't already know, I am obsessed with Valentine's Day. I really start my preparations the day after Christmas. I decided to combine my winter and Valentines door to save myself some time later on. I think it turned out really cute!

The other super exciting thing that happened this week is that I received my iPod Touches from Donors Choose! I wrote a grant with Donors Choose asking for two iPod Touches to use in my classroom. I was so shocked and excited when my entire project was funded! These iPod Touches have added so much fun and excitement to our classroom. I have found some amazing apps to use during Daily 5 center time. I will share them with you in a future post : ) Donors Choose is an amazing way to ask for some additional materials for your classroom!

One of the things I did to explain the rules to the kids was to create a contract. I went over it with the students multiples times and then I sent it home for the parents to review. Here is a copy of my contract for you to look at for a reference. 

I am obsessed with this cute clip art as well. And I finally made my own font (that wasn't terrible) using the iFont Maker app.

I have nothing to do this weekend and I am just on cloud nine about it. I can't wait to sleep in, read blogs and online shop. I'm sure I will also end up at school working on somethings : )  Have a wonderful weekend! 


Woo Hoo! I survived my first and second day back.  We spent most of the days going over procedures and routines and all of that fun stuff. It was a little bit like starting over. Their little bodies had to get use to the lunch schedule again. We were all starving by 10! It has also been crazy because we haven't been able to go out for recess! It has been too cold : ( 

Monday we talked about the new year and I tried to explain resolutions/goals to them. Some of them sort of got the idea. They have some high hopes for the new year!

My favorite is goal is "to be in the circus." He told me that he has already been practicing...

Then, we made this these precious little Pinterest inspired New Year's craft. It looks so cute in the hallway! I originally saw the idea in this pin.

Here was my favorite little one:
"I want to learn to not cut my clothes." 

This sweet little friend had an incident with scissors and her clothes a few weeks ago. It was hilarious to me, but probably not so much to her mother. She was so thoughtful with her cutting that she even cut a little hole in her shirt for her belly button to peek through. Haha : )

It's just about 8 o'clock and I think I am ready for a warm bath and bedtime. Is that embarassing? Oh well,  I am exhausted! Goodnight friends!

RUN to your local Target Dollar Section

Two of my obsessions collided today: Target Dollar Section and Valentine's Day. First thing to know, my birthday is on Valentine's Day and I love that day. I get so excited to see all of the pink, red, and hearts. I also love the Target dollar section. Sometimes I spend more in that section then I do in the whole store. So, today when I found Valentine's Day things in the dollar section I freaked out. 

One little dollar section secret I have learned is that things in this section do not last. I can't tell you how many times I have seen something there and then come back for it and it was GONE! So, I decided I better stock up while I had the chance. Here are some of my dollar section Valentine's Day goodies:

How cute are these dice? I can't wait to use them in a math center! 

I use these erasers as little math manipulatives. I won't tell you how many packages I bought, it's a little embarrassing haha.

We will use these for some sort of craft. I also use these as manipulatives for roll and cover games and for patterns.

I just love these!

I also bought a little cupcake rug to go in front of my water fountain/ sink area. Occasionally we have some problems with pushing and friends end up hitting their head on the water fountain. So, if I put a little rug there and explain to them that only the friend getting a drink can be on the rug it really cuts back on the water fountain vs. head collisions. I will take a picture of the rug in action. 

I hope you are on your way to Target now. Hurry!

My alarm is set for 5:45 tomorrow and I am off to bed. It will be our first day back tomorrow and we have kids. I am jealous of yall with a work day! Bleh. I am excited to see my little kinderbabies though! Goodnight. 


CVC Initial Sound Sort, Click to WIN!

My winter break is coming to an end. NOOOOOO! We start school back on Monday. I am so sad for it to end, but I am excited to see my kinderbabies and get back into a schedule. I am so excited about my newest product on TPT. 

I use this activity in my Word Work center during Daily 5 Literacy Centers. Students will sort pictures of CVC words by initial sounds. And my favorite part is that it has a corresponding answer book so students can check their work and see the CVC words. I really enjoyed created this unit and I hope that it will be something that you can use with your little ones. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product please visit my store. Or stay tuned for your chance to win a free copy!  : )

Today I am working on updating my TPT products. My clipart (and font) collection has exploded and I really want to make some improvements and additions to my products. I will make a post about updates soon. Also, if you have any suggestions of products that you would find useful in your classroom please let me know! : )

Now for the fun part! I will send my new unit, CVC Initial Sounds Word Sort to the first three people who follow my blog and leave a comment with their email address.
Good luck and enjoy your weekend!  


Winter Owl Freebie

Happy New Year Friends!

To celebrate 2013, I have created a little freebie for you. 

This little tens frame game is perfect for any winter unit. I will be using it in one of my math tubs in January. I think tens frames are really important and I love making them to go with every season.

I hope you will be able to use this product in your classroom. Please visit my TPT Store to download it for free : ) While you are there make sure and follow me! 
Happy 2013 y'all!

Welcome to everyone who found my blog through the Freebielicious Freebie on the First party!