First of all, Happy Veteran's Day!A HUGE thank you to veterans past and present. Thank you for your sacrifices to keep our country safe. What a blessing to live in the United States of America! 

So I have dropped off the blog world for about a month or so! I have been so busy : ( I thought this fun linky  from Blog Hoppin would be a great way to get me going again!  

Today's topic is Time-Savers. This year I have REALLY been trying to cut back the amount of time I spend up at school on the weekend. So, I have been really trying to make better use of my conference time. Here are a few time-savers that have helped me this year

1. Nice Moms: Every year I have people fill out this great little volunteer form...

 and then I don't let them help me!  This year if you check the "Take It Home Volunteer"  box then I will most likely be sending something home for you to help with! Luckily I have some moms that use to be teachers, so I can trust them to cut my lamination the "right" way. But really, anything someone else can help with will save you time : )

2. BINDERS: I LOVE BINDERS! I have a binder for everything: Lesson Plans, Student Information, Substitute Information ..everything! This year I started a student assessment binder. Every student has a number and I file all of there assessment behind their number. Running records, letter and sound sheets, popcorn word assessments, it is all there! This has been WONDERFUL when preparing for conferences or ARDs. All of the data I have for that student it right there. I just snap open my binder and I'm ready to go. It takes a little time to file things sometimes, but it saves me so much time in the long run : ) At the front on the binder I keep extra blank copies of the assessments in case I have a new student or I need to reassess or something. These are the number tabs I use:

I have a really cute page with all the kids names and numbers, but I had to take it out for the picture. I just don't want you to think I use this ratty thing : ) These number tabs came from Office Depot and I think they were $13 (eek!), but  I will be able to use them for years. 

3. Make a good lesson plan template! This year my school has really cracked down on lesson plans. I get annoyed with how much time I have to spend typing lesson plans for me when I already know what I am doing, grr. Regardless, it is part of my job so I do it with a smile...sometimes. This year I took the time to make myself a really good lesson plan so each week I am just filling in the details. Here is the first page of my lesson plan template:

4. Teachers Pay Teachers: I LOVE making things myself, I really do. I love using my own special, favorite fonts and my own beautiful clip art. However, I do not always have time to construct what I need. It saves me SO much time when someone else has already created a resource I need! Huge time saver right there! 

5. Don't throw things at me, but I am a morning person. I usually get to school about 45 minutes early and get my stuff done. Most people aren't morning people so not many people are there to talk to. So find a time that works for you and get your stuff done! : )

Well, I was home sick today. I have a sinus infection and the antibiotics and my body don't get along. Yuck. I was so disappointed because I had special things planned for Veteran's Day. So I will be playing catch up tomorrow : ( 

Happy Monday! 


  1. What great tips! I hope you feel better soon. :)

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  2. I really like your lesson plan format. What program did you use to set-up your plan?