Helpful Hints

I'm back for DAY 2 of Blog Hoppin's Linky party. 

Here are a few helpful hints:

1. Keep parents informed. Each Monday I send home a weekly newsletter letting parents know what is going on that week. Parents know to look for my newsletter on Monday and they (hopefully) read it. 

2. Sign Up with Scholastic Reading Clubs. Teachers love books, duh. Make sure you have a Scholastic Reading Club account so your students can order books and you will benefit! : ) Every month you will get fliers to send home and parents can order books and other educational things. With every parent purchase, you receive points to buy books with. Each month they also have a $1 book so it's a really affordable way for parents to build a home library. Orders can also be made (and paid) online which makes it SUPER easy for you! Another helpful hint? Put a link to your Reading Club on your school website for easy ordering : )

3. Take lots of pictures and keep them organized. At the end of the year I put together a little picture album scrapbook for each of my kids. Last year I wanted to punch myself because I didn't develop or organize the pictures as the year went along. So, I was left with a ton of work in May. This year I get the Snapfish emails and will try to order pictures when they have the penny print specials going. Last year I think I had to pay 9 cents a picture, YIKES!  

4. Make memories for your kids. I really try to plan fun and memorable (and educational) things for my kids to do. Last year we took an hour on a Friday afternoon to get our room ready for Christmas. We had hot cocoa and gingerbread men and decorated our Christmas tree. It looks like a trash tree haha, but the kids loved being able to decorate and get our room ready! 

I stayed home sick AGAIN today. I went back to the doctor and I am going to start on some new medicine tomorrow. I am so sick of being sick, YUCK! So now I will be playing two day catch up tomorrow. I am excited to see my kids and get back in the routine though! 


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