Classroom Tour

Happy Tuesday everyone!
 I can't get it all together this year. I am just now posting pictures of my classroom. This year I stuck with my Circus themed classroom. I really love all of the bright primary colors and I couldn't imagine completely changing everything after only one year. 
Here is a little tour of my classroom:

Come on in!
I had this little poster made using Vistaprint. I love having it out in the hallway for Meet the Teacher Night.

Here is the view from the door. I do not normally have balloons on my tables (for obvious reasons haha) but these pictures were taken the day of Meet the Teacher. 

Here are our cubbies. Each child has their own cubby with a book bin inside to store their Reading Notebook. On top of the cubbies I have some of my favorite books and matching characters. 

This year my district is using the CHAMPS program. Here is my CHAMPS Display. Sorry for the glare. 

These are my math tubs.

I love my Popcorn Words Wall. I love this wall. Soon it will be filled with words. The set can be purchased from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

This is the front of my room. I really love how bright and useful everything is. My desk and computer on are on the left. I moved my desk and computer so they would be closer to the Smart Board, which I love. 

This is my classroom library. This year I added a bin of big books that the kids really like!
I use these clips on my cabinet to help with storing and displaying work. The number is glued to a clothespin. It makes it really easy to send work home on Fridays.

This is my listening center. I use to have 4 kids at this center and it would make me crazy. Too many headphones and CD malfunctions. I only introduced this center on Friday, but so far it has been a ZILLION times better. Each drawer has a different book to read. 

Here is my desk and our reading tent. Also, check out my new easel : ) Ignore the not "cutesy" poem : ( 

I LOVE this board. On the left hand side I have my classroom jobs display. Each job is on a little envelope and I will put each child's name on an index card and change jobs that way. I bought this set HERE on Teachers Pay Teachers. It was perfect! On the right hand side of the board, you will see that CHAMPS posters for each of the Daily 5 centers. The wooden shelf will be used to store materials for my Word Work center. 

This is the hallway outside of my classroom. I am OBSESSED with my new Meet the Authors display. Each child has their own place to display their work. Above their clip I will put a picture of them and a short biography. I will post a picture with it completed soon.Also if you are wondering about the brown paper sacks, they are used for supplies. Instead of each child hauling all of their supplies into the classroom, they put their supplies in the brown sack with their name on it. It's so great! Then you can go through their supplies when you are ready. 

Thanks so much for checking out my classroom : )


  1. Could you tell me where you got your champs display? My new district is using champs and I am having such a hard time find cards just right for kinders.

  2. Great colors! So bright and cheerful! I bought the same chalkboard/whiteboard at IKEA. I love it.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  3. I love the way you have decorated your classroom! Your classroom library and reading tent are great ways to motivate students to read which is very important. I am finishing up my last two years in college, so I will definitely begin to get more crafty now to have a room as bright as yours!

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