Reading Rodeo

SURPRISE! It's me! I finally found out what was causing me to feel terrible every week...MONO. After weeks of being sick with everything from the stomach bug to headaches, I finally had some blood work done and found the culprit of the yucky-ness. I am finally feeling better and getting some of my usual energy back.

The end of the year is so busy! Oh my goodness! A week ago we had our big Reading Rodeo. This is one of the signature things that my school does every year. The kids earn points for every book they read and then they can spend these points on fun activities and snacks. We had everything! Mechanical bull, game trailer, bouncers, candy, wrecking ball, snow cones, photo booth, cotton candy, obstacle course, popcorn, giant slides and even a rock wall. The kids LOVED it. This year for kindergarten each child was given 50 points to kind of get them excited and motivated to read for the next year when they have to earn every point.

The other big highlight of Reading Rodeo is an author coming to visit. This year we had Kimberly Willis Holt. Most of her books are for the upper grade levels, but she does have a few picture books for the younger kids too. It was really interesting to hear her speak. 

Last year I was hired a few weeks before Reading Rodeo and I was able to attend and see Susan Stevens Crummel speak. She was amazing to see!

Friday was the last day of school! It was very bittersweet. I am really going to miss my sweet kids so much. I will have some pictures to post once I find my camera : ) Happy SUMMER!


  1. Glad that you have finally found the cause of your sickness and are now on the mend! And just in time for summer vacation too! Love the idea of a Reading Rodeo... sounds like so much fun! Enjoy summer... only 4 more days until mine!

    Heather (

  2. Glad you're feeling better now. I've loved reading about your journey as a first year teacher. I finally have my own blog and can say hey :) I'm going to be starting MY first year as a teacher in August. I'd love for you to stop by and check mine out.