Beginning Sounds BINGO, Click to WIN!

I am just on a roll today! I have gotten so many things checked off my to do list AND it's only NOON. Woo hoo! 

I am really excited to finish my Beginning Sounds BINGO game. On Fridays for phonics time and during my guided reading groups, I always like to play a fun game. I created this game as a fun  review of beginning/initial sounds. I love BINGO games because they are so easy to play and the kids really have to be paying attention to win. It is perfect for phonemic awareness. And it's Common Core and TEKS friendly!

Twenty four different game boards are included in the set, so you can play whole group during phonics time! If you happen to have more that 24 kids in your classroom God bless you and I can make you more game boards. 

I can't wait to use this activity this Fall! 

And now for the fun part! I will email Beginning Sounds BINGO to the first THREE people who PIN this activity and leave a comment below with their email address. Easy : ) GO! : )


  1. I pinned it on Pinterest. :). I'm a kindergarten teacher going into my 2nd year. I love playin BINGO with my kids. My email is

  2. I pinned it! It's going to be my second year teaching kindergarten too!! I can't wait :). My email is

  3. Pinned-

    Heather (

  4. It looks fabulous! Congrats on being productive. It feels good to check things off.
    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  5. I think I am too late, but here is my pin:

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  7. I pinned your awesome activity as soon as I read your blog email!!! I am in a hotel and my service is not good at all and it has taken me 7 tries to get my comment published. Please please please!!! I'm going in to my second year of teaching and would LOVE to have this resource to use!!! :) :) :) :)


    Here is my pin!!! :)

  9. You have been an amazing first year teacher. I have enjoyed following your blog. I am a 28 year K-1 veteran ( and a transplanted Texan) and still am learning.

    1. Awe thanks so much! I don't think the learning ever stops! : )

  10. Very cool! I can't wait to use it when school starts up. Nice to have all the different boards.