Playing Catch Up

Hello Bloggy Friends,

I feel like I have been playing catch up since Christmas! I just can't seem to get myself back ahead. Last week was SPRING BREAK. Amen! It was a much needed week to get myself caught up and ready to go.  This week I will be back on top of my game (and blog) again. 

Here are a few pictures of our St. Patrick's Day Fun:

St. Patrick's Day fell over the Spring Break holiday, so when we came back we were so surprised to find that a leprechaun had visited our classroom! He left us some chocolate gold and lucky clovers.

We created these cute leprechauns from this activity from Stephanie Stewart. I added the "If I found a pot of gold..." writing. My kids had some really cute ideas.

 "I would buy a guinea pig. I will get a cat. I will get a house for Miss Taylor." SO 

They made the cutest hallway display!

Those were the only pictures I took, grrr.

In other news, we have picked a wedding date and venue. I was really hoping to pull it all together by this summer, but it was way to stressful and not fun. I have looked forward to planning a wedding forever and I really wanted to enjoy it! So, we are waiting til March 8, 2014. It will be the first Saturday of Spring Break so I will have a whole week off of school to honeymoon. I can't wait! And, we are having it in the Austin area! It's going to be perfect! : ) Austin friends let me know if you have any good vendors to recommend. 

Y'all have a wonderful evening! I can't wait to share my newest creations will y'all tomorrow ; )

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