An EGGcellent Week

What a fun and busy week in Kindergarten! This week we did lots of fun Easter themed activities. We started off the week with this writing piece. I am EGGstra special because...
They painted the back of the eggs and then I sent them home as a special little keepsake! They turned out really cute.

On Wednesday we had our big math egg hunt. Every child brought 21 filled Easter eggs and wrote a number on each egg. So they brought an egg with the number 1 on it, an egg with the number 2 on it, all the way to 21. Then each student was assigned a number and they could only pick up the eggs with that number on it. When my team was explaining it to me it sounded really complicated, but it wasn't and it was a great way to reinforce number recognition and it was an Easter egg hunt! : )

I bought these cute pails for the kids at Dollar Tree and then let them decorate with some Easter foam stickers also found at the Dollar Tree. 

Hunting eggs!

Here is number 21's egg basket. 

After the egg hunt we counted, sorted and graphed the eggs we found.I was also lucky and had some sweet parent volunteers to hide the eggs.

Thursday we had some special Easter visitors...

Two rabbits! Max and Ruben! One of my student's parents had a friend with two bunnies she was willing to let us play with for the afternoon. All of the kindergarten students rotated through my room to see the Easter bunnies. 

The kids loved it!

Friday we made Easter nests. This is one of my favorite childhood recipes  I was so excited to share it with my little kindergarteners. 

First you make rice crispy treats just like normal, but only with Cocoa Krispies instead. Then you give each child a blob of rice crispy dough to mold into a nest shape like this:

Next, I gave each child a sandwich bag with coconut and green food coloring then they shook it around and put it inside their nest.

Next add some eggs. I used jelly beans!

Not the best picture, but you can see how cute they turned out! : )

We also read one of my favorite Easter books, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick. We acted out the sequence of the story:

I even let my kids swallow a little Peep chick too. But, I made them chew : ) 

We had such a fun week even though we didn't get Good Friday OR tomorrow off. Boo : ( 

Happy Easter Yall! 


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the egg hunt! I wish I would have seen this last week! Def need to share with my team and do that next year!!

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  4. What a wonderful unit. Can I ask where you got the printable for the little old lady. It is adorable. The nest is a wonderful idea I like that you used chocolate cereal none of my kids would eat the ones made with noodles. Thank you for sharing. You are awesome!!!!!

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