CVC Initial Sound Sort, Click to WIN!

My winter break is coming to an end. NOOOOOO! We start school back on Monday. I am so sad for it to end, but I am excited to see my kinderbabies and get back into a schedule. I am so excited about my newest product on TPT. 

I use this activity in my Word Work center during Daily 5 Literacy Centers. Students will sort pictures of CVC words by initial sounds. And my favorite part is that it has a corresponding answer book so students can check their work and see the CVC words. I really enjoyed created this unit and I hope that it will be something that you can use with your little ones. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product please visit my store. Or stay tuned for your chance to win a free copy!  : )

Today I am working on updating my TPT products. My clipart (and font) collection has exploded and I really want to make some improvements and additions to my products. I will make a post about updates soon. Also, if you have any suggestions of products that you would find useful in your classroom please let me know! : )

Now for the fun part! I will send my new unit, CVC Initial Sounds Word Sort to the first three people who follow my blog and leave a comment with their email address.
Good luck and enjoy your weekend!  


  1. I follow your blog! And this is perfect for what my littles need right now!

    Heather (

  2. I follow your blog. This is awesome!

  3. I follow your blog! This looks so cute!

  4. i'm a follower of your blog and my K's are working on their cvc words.

  5. What are you clipart and fonts listed under on TpT? I couldn't find it on your TpT store that is linked... Let me know, I want to check it out!

    1. I am so sorry. The way I worded that was confusing. I was trying to say that I have bought lots of new fonts and clip art so, I updated the fonts and clip art on many of my units. I am so sorry! I wish I could design clip art and fonts. Maybe one day! All I have for sale now is products, no clip art or fonts : ( I am so sorry for the confusion!