CVC Word Egg Hunt

I am already so excited to start planning activities for my sweet kindergartners. Today I attended science training for kindergarten teachers in the district. Those teachers were awesome and had some really great ideas for integrating science and reading! Some of them have been teaching for longer than I have been alive! 

 Here is one of the activities that I just uploaded to my TPT store that I want to share with you! I found this idea online at some point or another and I decided to put it all together. It is a CVC Word Egg Hunt! Students will open an Easter egg and find a picture inside. Students will identify the picture then, find the corresponding word on the worksheet. Students will color the egg on the worksheet the color of the egg they found the picture in. So, if the child found the picture of a rat in a pink egg, they would color the egg with the word rat pink! Fun! This activity focuses on CVC words with the short vowel sound and the kids will love opening the eggs! It’s all ready to go! Just print on cardstock and laminate! Here are a few pictures and the link to download:

This is the worksheet that goes with the activity!

The student opens up the green egg and finds a picture of a rat. 

So, on their worksheet they find the word rat and color the egg green!

Find it HERE! Can you tell I'm ready for SPRING?Hope everyone had a great Monday!

bye yall!

New TPT Store!

I am officially set up on! I have had so much fun working on different products and looking at other teacher’s products! My first product, of course, is a FREEBIE! It is some spring number matching cards. The cards can be used for matching or playing memory! This is a great and quick way to review counting numbers 1 through 10. I hope you will take the time to check out my TPT store and download (the link is below!) I can’t wait to use these with my kinders during math centers!
Here are a few pictures:

Click HERE to visit my TPT store and download the SPRING NUMBER MATCH for yourself!

bye yall!
I’m officially done with my fifth grade placement. I never thought I would be so sad to leave. I really got attached to some of those sweet kids and will really miss them! I really believe that each child was placed in my life by God for a reason and I just pray that I did my job! On my last day they threw me a little surprise going away party. I was so touched! They had cupcakes and everything (we had to pretend it was my birthday to get away with the unhealthy food)! I also got one of the greatest presents I have ever received. The kids, all 68 of them, wrote me a little note and then they were all bound together in a book. I cried. It was the absolute sweetest, most heartwarming gift. I will treasure it forever. They will always be my first group of “real” students! : ]
Here are a few little tidbits from my book:

I love the last line: "I know you will be one of the beast teacher."

Isn't this just precious?

bye yall!


Tomorrow is my last day in fifth grade!
I am really going to miss the sweet kids! Today was a benchmark testing day so, I was pulled to sub for a second grade classroom. You know that you are back in the lower grades when a child describes to you what came out of their nose and into the Kleenex haha! I missed some of those little gruesome details only younger kids will share with you!
 Here is what I have been up to in pictures:

For Valentine’s Day our class celebrated with an ice cream sundae/ float party! It was a mess but, a ton of fun! It's so nice to have parents who want to help!

Valentine’s Day also happens to be my birthday! My cooperating teacher made a delicious strawberry cake for lunch!

I saw the idea for a teacher toolbox on Pintrest a long time ago and immediately rushed to Lowe’s to buy a little tool box. It has sat in my closet for months and I finally got around to putting it all together! It will go in my future classroom and hopefully help keep my desk drawers a little less cluttered! I can't stand messy drawers!

Also, right now Kohl’s has the $5 books! ERIC CARLE! I had to control myself! They even have the stuffed animals that go with the books!
That’s all for now! I will be posting lots more come Kindergarten time!
bye yall!
Thank God For the Weekend!

I can't believe it's already FEBRUARY! I only have a few weeks left in my fifth grade student teaching placement. Then, it's on to KINDERGARTEN! I can't wait! I have really enjoyed being in fifth grade and have learned so much but, I think kindergarten is where I belong : ] I will definitely have more crafty pictures to post.  In fifth grade,  we have been studying climate, weather and biomes. Here are a few pictures:

Weather and Climate words picture sort.

The kids each chose a different biome and did a little research. They made a biome square which included information about the climate, fun facts and a picture. I displayed the best ones in the hall!

Have a great week!

bye yall!