December Fun

I haven’t had a chance to post in weeks. I love this time of year, but it is always so busy and go go go all the time. Today just felt different at school. The events in Connecticut have absolutely devastated me and really made me think. This morning I wasn’t planning to say much about it to my babies because I honestly don’t even want them to know that people like that exist. But, we practiced the safety procedures today and many of them knew all about the events and the gruesome details. It broke my heart. It was a great opportunity to talk about kindness and how we can care for other people. I really have a sweet bunch of kids.

This month has been so busy! I have had weddings to attend, Christmas parties, and my boyfriend had ear surgery so was out from school a few days and left my kids with sub. That stressed me out! I also received a Smart Board in my classroom AND my Donors Choose Project was completely funded a few days ago.  I feel so blessed and I am so excited to receive TWO iPod Touches for my classroom. Any great app suggestions?

Here are a few pictures from our BUSY month…

My Christmas Door that I LOVVVEE!
It turned out SO cute! : )

We put up our Christmas tree and a literally let the kids do whatever they wanted to. Can you tell?
We have since added some more ornaments.

Friday we made a super easy reindeer sandwich as we learned about the letter R. Each child needs one slice of bread, two pretzels and M&Ms for eyes and a nose. You can use jelly or peanut butter for the inside! I always let me students do the spreading with a popsicle stick. Oh and, these are my favorite books to teach the alphabet!

We also have a special classroom elf named Jingle. One day he seemed to be having some romance going on with Pinkalicious

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  1. Isn't it crazy how fast this month has flown by! Love your door decor!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Oh my goodness! My hubby has been talking about when he was in kindergarten and how he made the "reindeer" sandwich...he has asked for the whole month of December if I would make them with my class (I think he wanted a chance to "relive" this experience)! Hehe! Love it! You have a Precious blog!

    PS...His sandwich fell apart (he is a lil' clumsy)...the teacher told him "Bless your heart..ask your mama to help you fix it when you get home"! I laughed so hard when he told me this!

    Brandy Nicole
    Kick Starting Kindergarten

    1. Hahaha that is so funny! I remember making one in first grade I think and we used a red hot for the nose and I thought it was too spicy. Which, is why I used M&Ms with my class. I love those little memories that stick with you! : )

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