October Catch Up

I can't believe it's so close to Thanksgiving!
 I haven't even posted some of my fun October ideas : (
Here is a quick catch up:

This was one of my kids favorite math centers. I used this little ice cube tray as a tens frame and found the eye balls at Dollar Tree. The kids flipped over a card and created that number using eye balls. They loved it!

We also made the COOLEST SLIME! THIS is where we found the recipe we used. The only ingredients are CLEAR glue and liquid starch. We also added glitter glue to make it a little more exciting. The kids were freaking out! My sweet room mom ran all over town finding my everything we needed : ) 

We also went on our big field trip to Fiddlestick Farms. Of course it fell on the coldest day so far. We had so much fun and the kids (and me) were EXHAUSTED! 

SO Tired haha

 I will be better about posting this month. AHH! 

This was also my first election to vote in! It was both of my sisters first time to vote too! Last time I hadn't turned 18 yet haha...

Let the countdown to Thanksgiving break begin! 
Gobble Gobble! 


  1. I should have grabbed those eye balls at the Dollar store when I had the chance. :) I will store your idea for next year.

    Granny Goes to School

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  3. Where did you get the eyeball number cards??? I have the pumpkins & eyeballs:)

  4. I made them! I have been meaning to put them as a freebie on TPT, but never got around to it : ( I will email them to you for next year! : )

  5. Love the eyeballs! How cute! I used to teach kinder and I remember when we went to the rodeo for a field trip...OMG so exhausting! Of course only in Texas would you go to the rodeo for a field trip! :)

    Teachin' Little Texans

  6. Wow, that looks like the coolest farm trip ever. I wish our orchard had such a nice setup. Where did you find the pumpkin ice trays? I've been looking everywhere for a 10 cube tray. Please email me if you remember where they came from.

    Donna W.

  7. I got those same pumpkin ice cube trays at the Dollar Tree. I wish I had thought to buy the eyeballs, those look so cute in there with the pumpkins. I just pinned your picture so I can remember to buy them next time around. Thanks for posting.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars