Cyber Monday Sale

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so excited for the big TPT Cyber Monday and Bonus Tuesday Sale. HOORAY! Everything in my store will be 20% off! I am hoping to add some of my Christmas items tomorrow : )

Thanks so much to Ashley for the cute button! 

Happy Shopping Friends! Enjoy the last bit of your Thanksgiving Holiday! 


Turkey Time!

We are finally on THANKSGIVING BREAK! 
Before I go into relaxation mode, I wanted to post a few things that we did this short week. 

I introduced my kids to the idea of a "final draft." Last week we wrote a "rough draft" about what we are thankful for. Then, we looked at our"rough draft" to check for periods and capitalization and rewrote our writing onto this super fancy paper. Then they got to make a little turkey topper. 

" I am thankful for a car. I am thankful for a bear. I am thankful for lunch boxes. I am thankful for vampires. I am thankful for Miss Taylor."

Vampires were a popular thing to be thankful for in my classroom, hmmm? haha

They looked so cute in the hall! I am so proud of their writing!

We also made turkey cookies. I just sort of made up this cookie idea from a mix of different Pinterest ideas...

My kids had fun assembling them and licking their fingers. 

We also made macaroni necklaces, hand print cards and Indian headbands. Grrr I didn't take any pictures... 

I am already plotting my classroom Christmas decorations!!! : )

Enjoy your much deserved break! 


The Front Row Seating Club

Today I had one of the best of ideas of my short three month teaching career. 
When we are doing any type of cooking activity I usually try and do it at my back table and just have the kids gather around. This always lead to some unhappy friends saying things like "I CAAAANNNN'TTTT SEEEE!!!!" or "THAT'S NOT FAIRRRR, SHE ALWAYS GETS TO SIT BY YOU!" I'm sure you can relate. So, I created a special club called the Front Row Seating Club. Six special friends would be selected to be in the Front Row Seating Club for the special Pumpkin Playdough cooking event. Members of this club would be able to sit in the six chairs at my back table and watch (and help) me make the playdough from the "front row seats."
 Oh my Lord! 
This was the most wonderful thing ever!
Only friends making the best (and quietest) choices would be selected for the club.

 These were the coveted tickets:

I tried to collect the tickets from the kids as they sat in the front row, but a few friends wanted to keep them "forever and ever and ever." So, I let them haha : ) 

I came home and made some cuter tickets for you to use in your classroom. You can download them for FREE by clicking on the picture below. 

And, now for the main event: Pumpkin Pie Playdough! 

I used a great recipe from The Idea Room that you can read HERE.  
Beginning to mix. 
I bought this electric skillet yesterday just for the occasion! I think it will be a great classroom investment. 

It was a hit!

I hope yall had a great day!


October Catch Up

I can't believe it's so close to Thanksgiving!
 I haven't even posted some of my fun October ideas : (
Here is a quick catch up:

This was one of my kids favorite math centers. I used this little ice cube tray as a tens frame and found the eye balls at Dollar Tree. The kids flipped over a card and created that number using eye balls. They loved it!

We also made the COOLEST SLIME! THIS is where we found the recipe we used. The only ingredients are CLEAR glue and liquid starch. We also added glitter glue to make it a little more exciting. The kids were freaking out! My sweet room mom ran all over town finding my everything we needed : ) 

We also went on our big field trip to Fiddlestick Farms. Of course it fell on the coldest day so far. We had so much fun and the kids (and me) were EXHAUSTED! 

SO Tired haha

 I will be better about posting this month. AHH! 

This was also my first election to vote in! It was both of my sisters first time to vote too! Last time I hadn't turned 18 yet haha...

Let the countdown to Thanksgiving break begin! 
Gobble Gobble!