AT&T Teacher Discount

Did you know AT&T gives teachers a 15% off services discount? 

A few weeks ago one of my friends mentioned that she had heard AT&T had some sort of discount for teachers. So, today I was in the store and I decided to ask and sure enough they do! I just had to provide them with my school email address. Easy! : )

I am trying to get all of my report cards typed in my computer and finished up. If you are off tomorrow, I am extremely jealous. We have staff development, so it shouldn't be too bad : ) I sure would love an extra day to sleep in though (and blog creep in my pjs and fuzzy socks). 


  1. Does this discount just apply to cell service or does the overall bundled services offer it too? I don't have ATT cell, but I use them for internet and DirecTV. Neat information.

    Donna W.

  2. I'm not sure. It would definitely be worth asking about : )

  3. I was as happy as you were about this feature until I realized that AT&T ALWAYS has "a catch." First of all, this discount is not offered to all teachers; it's only available to those whose school has a partnership with AT&T. Secondly, the discount only applies to certain features within your bill -- NOT the entire bill. I would totally understand if the discount was applied pre-tax, but that's not even the case. There are actually some bundles (of course, when I spoke on the phone with them, I couldn't understand the access of the person on the other end very well, so I can only tell you bits and pieces of what he said!) that AT&T doesn't offer a discount on at ALL -- discount code or not. The first time I applied the discount to my bill, it was about a $60 drop, and I did a happy dance in the living room. Next time, it went back up almost the entire amount and the explanation I got was that they made a mistake and undercharged me the previous month, and that not all services are supposed to be discounted.

    Anyway. Sorry for this super-long comment that is so Debbie Downer-esque! I just wanted other readers of your blog to know all the loopholes that AT&T has so graciously put in place in order to keep from honoring the discount as much as possible. :(

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

  4. Oh no! I definitely have to agree with you. AT&T always has a catch and usually terrible customer service. Thanks so much for letting me and other readers know. My first bill should be coming soon, so I won't be expecting much. How annoying! Thanks again for the information.

  5. I get a 19% discount from Verizon and all I had to provide was my email address.