Easy as Pumpkin Pie

 I really enjoy cooking with my kids. They absolutely love it and it's a fun thing to do on Fridays. Last week we made the easiest pumpkin pies. I always try to choose recipes that are fairly easy and don't involve lots of ingredients and preparation. One of my co-teachers shared this amazing recipe with me.  I have no idea where it originally came from, but it is so great and easy. 

Isn't that so easy? My kids loved it. The biggest secret is to make sure and use the canned pumpkin pie MIX. If you just use the filling it is yucky and not sweet enough. I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much blogging time, but I wanted to make sure and share this recipe for your classroom cooking needs : ) 

I will try and update this post with some pictures of us cooking. I left my camera at school, BOO : (

BOO! Linky Party


I am so excited about this fun Halloween Linky party posted by Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad. 

Here is how to play:

1. Choose three different bloggers: one with FEWER followers, one with about the SAME number of followers and one with MORE followers. 
2. Highlight each of their blogs with links and encourage others to check them out! 
3. Let them know that you shared their blog and head on over to offer them a treat or two! No tricks : ) 

Here are my blogs to share: 

Holly is another Texas teacher (and Texas Tech graduate) and she works with special needs students. She has some really great ideas for working with these special babies. Her classroom is also precious! 


Have you discovered this amazing blog yet? Oh my goodness! The entire blog is dedicated to freebies for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade! So many wonderful bloggers contribute to this blog and it is one of my new favorites. 

Jennifer teaches Kindergarten and she is so sweet. She always has so many wonderful ideas and tons of  generous freebies. You must follower her! 

Now, it's your turn! Pass on the BOO to a few of your favorite bloggers and link up! Have a great weekend! 

AT&T Teacher Discount

Did you know AT&T gives teachers a 15% off services discount? 

A few weeks ago one of my friends mentioned that she had heard AT&T had some sort of discount for teachers. So, today I was in the store and I decided to ask and sure enough they do! I just had to provide them with my school email address. Easy! : )

I am trying to get all of my report cards typed in my computer and finished up. If you are off tomorrow, I am extremely jealous. We have staff development, so it shouldn't be too bad : ) I sure would love an extra day to sleep in though (and blog creep in my pjs and fuzzy socks). 


Apples and Go Get 'Em Week!

Did you think I had fallen off the face of the Earth? I feel like I might have. This week was so crazy! It all really started when school was canceled last Friday. We had insane rain and flooding, which is very rare in west Texas. Friday was suppose to be our big apple day, so it was postponed til Monday. I'm sure you already know this, but "Friday activities" do not make the best "Monday activities." 
We also had picture day, the book fair and college week all going on. Ahhh!

Here are a few pictures from our apple day: 

Crockpot applesauce was a success!

We measured with apples. 

This was one of the activities I put in Word Work this week. It was so exciting to see a few of my kids create the sentences correctly! I might try to put it on TPT : )

We also did the CUTEST apple graph. I am so mad I didn't snap a picture. It's hanging in the hall so I will try and take one to share. 

This week was "Go Get 'Em" week.   It's basically just a week to promote higher education and college. I taught my kiddos the Texas Tech Fight Song and we read some of my cute Texas Tech books. We also did Texas Tech writing and took pictures dressed up as the Masked Rider. We even used "Guns Up" as the hallway quiet signal for the week. 
My little Texas Tech door. Look at my Masked Rider big pumpkin! I also love my Texas Tech pumpkin. Modge Podge : ) 

They looked so precious! 
He looks creepyish with his mouth blacked out : ( I am going to print them all out and add them to my Texas Tech door. 

All was well until we had a little Aggie invasion:

Luckily we let him in because he is so precious. Look at his little hat case! We aren't allowed to wear hats at school, but he brought it for show and tell for the letter H. 

If you aren't from Texas, you probably don't understand any of this : )
 I'm sorry!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!