Owls, Spacemen and Justin Bieber

Four week is a charm! I can honestly say I LOVE my job! We are finally starting to get into the swing of things and it is wonderful! 

This week we learned about letter O. We learned about owls and made these little owl snacks on Friday. 
This is the plate we shared with the office staff. Aren't they cute? 

We have also been focusing on rhyming words and nursery rhymes. Wednesday we have "Wacky Wednesday" and do a hands on science activity. The kids love it! This week we did a Humpty Dumpty egg drop activity. I asked (begged) a mom to hard boil a dozen eggs for the activity. I HATE the smell of eggs, gag gag gag! 

We dropped a hard boiled egg on different surfaces and predicted if it would crack or not. It was really a great activity to talk about how to conduct an experiment. We talked about how we had to drop it from the same height each time and we conducted each drop twice to make sure we hadn't made an error. We also talked about making predictions and that it's okay if we weren't correct.  

There was lots of squealing and clapping and screaming involved with this activity haha. I just created this little worksheet to go with the activity.

Friday we had our first mystery reader come. Every Friday I will invite a mystery reader to come and share a book with our class. The kids have no idea who our mystery reader will be until they walk in the door. It could be their parents, a cheerleader, a football player, our principal, a celebrity, anyone!  This week one of my student's grandmothers was our mystery reader. She is a retired teacher and literacy coach and was so excited to come and read to us.  She was WONDERFUL! My kids had convinced themselves that Justin Bieber was our mystery reader. I had to tell them that he wasn't allowed in our school due to dress code issues...

Heartbreaking, I know. Maybe next week...

I am putting together writing folders for each child to use during Daily 5 Work on Writing. One of the things in their folders is going to be their own personal writing words. During my guided reading group time on Friday I let the kids ask me how to spell anything. I wanted them to have a refence page for words they might spell often like sibling names or pet names, etc. Justin Bieber was also popular haha. And Michael Jackson? I can't wait to read some of their writing. 

Do you use space men in your classroom? I LOVE THEM! I have each child decorate a popsicle stick to keep in their school box. The spaceman helps them to leave space in between their words. I think someone space man was also designed to look like Justin Bieber...

Have a wonderful weekend! : ) 


  1. It sounds like your kids have some Bieber Fever going on!! Your owl treats came out so cute. I'm definitely pinning that!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I'll admit it...I want Biebs to read in my room. There, my secret is out!


    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  3. This is the best blog post title ever! :)
    Apples and ABC's

  4. Great post! If you are able to share, I would love a copy of your egg-drop experiment page. It is so cute, and I would love to use it with my kinders!


  5. Maybe JB will be available next Friday:) I love your owl snack...can't wait to make it when we do owls!

  6. Hi Sarah! I am a Pre-K teacher in Texas who found your awesome blog via Pinterest. I LOVE your Humpty Dumpty worksheet and would love to complete this experiment in my classroom this year. Is there any way you could possibly email it to me? So sorry to bug you during your precious summer! Thank you so much