DoodlePro Love

I have just a quick idea to share with you today: )

 I am already so sick of carrying around a dry erase board. I hate having to have the board, the marker and the eraser. But, I love being able to have a quick way to quickly show my kids how to form letters, or write names or spell popcorn words. 

Meet my new favorite thing:

The Fisher-Price Doodle Pro. 

Oh my goodness! I love this little thing. It is SO much easier than carrying around a dry erase board, pen and eraser. The pen is attached and just slide the yellow knob at the bottom to erase. I love to use it when I walk around the classroom or with my guided reading groups. It's great to use for modeling. 
 I bought it for $7 at the grocery store. I really want to have a few to use with my small groups. It is WAY less messy than dry erase boards and markers. 

I hope you can use this idea in your classroom : )

I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday! My classroom was bonkers today with the rainy weather. TGIAF : ) Thank God It's ALMOST Friday! 


  1. Aren't you the smartest! I love the idea of carrying around the Doodle Pro. I bet the kids think it's pretty neat also! Now if you could just get one for each student (:

    Granny Goes to School

  2. Your newest follower!! We would love for you to stop by!! Stephanie

  3. I love those things! I am glad you found an easy to use "marker" board. :)

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten