Back to School SALE and Alphabet Stamping

I can't believe it's already BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! I think this is the most excited I have ever been to go back to school. I can't wait to get started and meet my kids! I am so excited about the big Teachers Pay Teachers SALE coming up!

Click the picture to visit my store! I really appreciate each and every purchase. It really helps me purchase more supplies and books for my classroom!

I just uploaded my new Word Work Stamp It Pack. I have recently become obsessed with alphabet letter stamps. I bought a set a month or so ago from Lakeshore and then bought another set at a garage sale for $2! So I have created a whole package of activities to use with stamps. I hope you will check it out HERE.
Speaking of Lakeshore, I am DYING for this magnetic letter set. I have been eyeing it for months, but I haven't convinced myself to spend $40 on it yet. 
Anyone have any good ideas for a cheaper alternative?
 I just LOVE that the vowels are red and that every letter has a place in the box. 

Have the best weekend! 


  1. HI Sarah!
    I am so glad you are feeling ready and excited. Hopefully you are not too nervous. :) Have fun at orientation.


  2. I LOVE alphabet stamps, especially since most of my students do not have the fine motor skills required to write letters conventionally. I've added your pack to my wish list :) Thanks for creating it!


  3. oriental trading has a magnetic letters set for 16.50 - the letters are foam instead of wood or plastic, but I love them. so do my pre-k kids.
    also, I love the word work packet - it's going on my wishlist.