First Day Jitters and Safe Place

I can't believe that tomorrow is the first day of school! I was able to meet most of my kids this week at Meet the Teacher night or through parent conferences. I know this really helped to calm some of my nerves and I think it helped the kids (and parents) feel a little better too. My jitters for tomorrow are already starting to set in. I'm nervous, but SO excited! 

Tomorrow I am planning to mainly focus on routines and classroom procedures. We will be practicing many things like walking in the hall, beginning of the day routines and end of the day routines. We are also going to read "The Kissing Hand" and do a few fun activities with that book. I am also going to really focus on feelings and what to do if you feel sad or angry. This is our classroom Safe Place:

This is an area that students can go if they need some alone time or just need a few minutes to recover. This is NOT a time out time! Students can choose to come here or I may suggest it at times ("I see you are having a really hard time this morning, do you need a few minutes in Safe Area to help make you feel better?") I will only allow one student in the area at a time. 

I wanted the kids to have a little area to "snuggle" in, so I decided to use a laundry basket and added some pillows. Random, I know. But, I think I really like it : ) 

Conscious Discipline is really big on incorporating student's families into the classroom as much as possible. So, I have a little friends and family bulletin board where I will post pictures of student's families as well as our school family photos. Eventually, I will also add some stuffed animals, etc. 

I also have the different Conscious Discipline Safe Place breathing icons posted. I will begin teaching these coping strategies during the first week. I really want to stress that fact that any feeling is okay, but there is a right way to handle every feeling. For example, it's okay to be angry, but it isn't okay to hit your friend.

I'm off to continue my preparations. I think I have come to the conclusion that you are never really finished. I feel like I could work 24/7 and never complete it all! My Autobiography is ready to share first thing in the morning. I hope the kids like it! 

I will let you know how my first day of teaching goes! : )


Meet the Teacher Night

This has been one of the busiest weeks of my life! I started my new teacher professional development on Monday and have been going nonstop all week. I feel so behind in bloggy land. I will be catching up tonight! I can't Meet the Teacher is Thursday night! I am so excited. Here are some of my preparations:

I ordered this poster from Vistaprint. I will put this easel outside of my room with some balloons tied to it. 

I put together a little Pinterest inspired Meet the Teacher Night Scavenger Hunt. I really hope it will be helpful for helping parents know what to do! 

The first thing I want parents to do is make a name tag. I found these name tags for 88 cents at Walmart! Woo hoo!

At each child's desk I will have a student information form and a volunteer form. I put these bins at the back of my room for parents to turn everything into me. 

I made this little board to ask for extra supplies we need. Some of the things I asked for include: Lysol wipes, snacks, rechargeable  batteries for our Leapsters, white card stock and hand sanitizer. 

On my white board I have little magnets with my contact information. I ordered them through Vistaprint too. They are really cute! I just blacked out all of my information to post. I included the school phone number and my conference time too! 

I put together these little envelopes to send home with each child. Inside is a little poem to read the night before school starts to ease nerves and some "ready confetti." I just attached the Skittles for fun! I found this great idea HERE.

Now I just have to add my kiddos names to everything! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Enjoy your evening! : )  


Back to School SALE and Alphabet Stamping

I can't believe it's already BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! I think this is the most excited I have ever been to go back to school. I can't wait to get started and meet my kids! I am so excited about the big Teachers Pay Teachers SALE coming up!

Click the picture to visit my store! I really appreciate each and every purchase. It really helps me purchase more supplies and books for my classroom!

I just uploaded my new Word Work Stamp It Pack. I have recently become obsessed with alphabet letter stamps. I bought a set a month or so ago from Lakeshore and then bought another set at a garage sale for $2! So I have created a whole package of activities to use with stamps. I hope you will check it out HERE.
Speaking of Lakeshore, I am DYING for this magnetic letter set. I have been eyeing it for months, but I haven't convinced myself to spend $40 on it yet. 
Anyone have any good ideas for a cheaper alternative?
 I just LOVE that the vowels are red and that every letter has a place in the box. 

Have the best weekend! 


Easy Pointers

Thank y'all SO much for your sweet comments on my classroom reveal. I really enjoyed reading them!

I start New Teacher Orientation on Monday. 
Where did summer go? 
I think I am "protesting" my classroom for a few days.  I brought home lots of little things to work on, but I think I want to "work" from my couch for a few days : ) 

Today I made some easy little pointers for my classroom. I got this EASY (and cheap)  idea from one of the teachers on my team. All you need is a hot glue gun, dowel rods (I used size 3/8 by 12) and some cute little wood pieces from Hobby Lobby. 

Then hot glue the dowel rods to the back of each wood piece. 

Excuse my pajama shorts, I told you I was working from my couch! 

TA-DA! Cute pointers!

The dowel rods were $2.47 for a package of 8 and the little wood pieces were only 67 cents a piece.  

Back to the couch I go! : ) 

Welcome to the CIRCUS: My BIG Classroom Reveal

I am SO excited to share my classroom with you! 
I LOVE how it turned out and I am so proud of it. Having my “very own” classroom was everything I thought it would be and more : )


This is the sign outside my door. 

My classroom door. 

This is the inside of my door. I plan to decorate it for holidays. My lunch menu will go on the blue paper with the girl holding her lunch.

This is the view when you walk in the door. My writing center is on the left and my environmental print word wall is on the back of a bookshelf on the right. 

This is a closer picture of my writing center. The Daily 5 board above it is where I will display the anchor charts that correspond with Daily 5. In my writing center students will pick up materials and then find a spot around the room to work. I will have a post about my writing center soon!

This picture shows one of my very favorite things in my room: My Popcorn Word Wall!! I love how it turned out and I can't wait to begin posting words. I also love my little counting clown to the right.  On the bottom left you see my word work area and on the bottom right my listen to reading center. 

This is my word work area. Games and activities will be stored on the shelf in plastic containers. I also have a white board to the right for students to use and the pocket chart.

My listening center. 

In the back corner I have my refrigerator, teacher shelf, guided reading table and my cabinets. 

My teacher shelf. I have a bin for everyday of the week and a bin for each of my guided reading groups. 

 This is what hides behind the curtains. All of my books are organized and ready to go!

This is the back wall of my classroom. My mom sewed all of my curtains. I love the red and white striped ones on the bottom! The paper squares will be used for displaying student work. Ignore my fan on the counter : )

Here is one of my work displays up close. The picture makes it look orange, but it's really bright red. 

My pencil bins.

This is my little teacher corner. I still have a few things I want to add : )

My little circus reading tent. The ugly cart to the left has my document camera and technology things on it. I ordered a table skirt, but it hasn't come in yet! Grrr...

AND MY FAVORITE AREA! To the left is my calendar and morning meeting area. On the right is my classroom library! I LOVE IT!

Calendar/ Morning Meeting area. I am looking for a cute chair to replace the red one. Once again, ignore my fan : )

Library. I have 12 different bins for students to choose books from. I will switch the bins out during the year.

My cubby wall. On top of the shelf I have children's books with corresponding stuffed animals. Inside each cubby I have a plastic bin that will be used as a book bin during Daily 5.

My Kelso's Choices board. 

My math tubs. The shelf on the left will hold writing portfolios. 

That's my classroom! : ) 

Here are my hallway displays:
This is where I will display my student's work. 

I love these Carson Dellosa kids. 

I hope you like my classroom! I am so happy with how it all turned out : )

In celebration, I am hosting a sale on my TPT store!
 I recently uploaded my Happy Fall Literacy and Math Unit. It would be perfect to use with your kiddos this fall : )

Have a wonderful weekend!


Classroom Handbook

My BIG classroom reveal is FRIDAY! I am so excited to show you what I have spent my days (and nights)  slaving over! Does it ever end?

Today I finished my handbook and forms to send home at the beginning of the year. 
That took forever. I started working on my format way back in May! It was so helpful for me to look at examples when creating mine, so here is a copy of mine to help you! Just click the picture below! I am obsessed with this little book worm. He came from My Grafico and most of my other graphics came from Scrappin Doodles.

And here is a little peek of my classroom door. I hope you will come back on Friday to see my full post on my classroom. 

I can't believe it's already August!