Flash Drive Tragedy

I have been too devastated to post.

 In May, I had to completely wipe my computer clean so, I saved everything to disks and flash drives. Well, I have been lazy and not put all of my pictures are documents back onto my computer. So, all of my old documents were saved on a flash drive. Last night I left this flash drive in the computer and woke up to tragedy...

My laptop tumbled off the couch and landed on its side and the metal on the flash drive completely bent. I think I am blaming one of the cats. Most likely this one:

Kitty Boy. Haha. He is a long story. 

I think I might go plead with the Geek Squad at Best Buy and see if they can help me. My computer doesn’t “recognize the device.” Sadness. 

Has this ever happened to anyone before? Is there any hope?

On the bright side, I have decided to have a little classroom “reveal party.”

 I am SO, SO, SO excited to share my classroom with everyone. So, I will be “revealing” it on August 3rd!

 I will post all of my pictures and have a surprise for my followers. I really wish that I could also serve y'all a cupcake and lemonade (or a margarita!) to celebrate. 

I will be posting in the meantime but, I hope that you will come back on August 3rd and see my classroom. It's a circus! : ) 

 Have a great rest of the week!


  1. That's terrible! I hope you can get it fixed.

  2. I am so very sorry! I bet they can figure something out. I have been there before and it was devastating. I'm excited for your reveal. I'm going tomorrow to start working in mine. I'm going to reveal a little at a time.

  3. Oh no! Silly cat! I am excited about your classroom pics, though. Looking forward to the reveal party.

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  4. Oh, no!! My cat seems to always be knocking things over. He thinks it's fun! Hopefully the geek squad can help!

    Can't wait to see your classroom!!

    Sweet Honey in 2nd

  5. That stinks about your PC! I have never had that problem but I know the Geek Squad tries their best to solve any PC problem! Can't wait til your big reveal :)

  6. I so feel your pain! I have one that I'm still using in a pinch that's bent at an awkward angle from the same accident. I can't retract it but it does still work. I'm afraid to straighten it back out! I just bought a replacement for it. I would bet that the memory inside is still intact and since this was the only location for your documents and pictures, it's worth it to have them transfer it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Donna W.

    1. I'm hoping it's all still intact too! I'm glad yours still works!

  7. Sorry to hear about your flash drive. My school's Title teacher's flash drive got kicked out of her tower when she was going to sit down at the computer. I use instead so I don't have to worry about losing a flash drive (or worse bringing a virus home to my computer on a flash drive). Hope you are able to recover everything!

  8. When I was working for our district as a Title I administrator, we had backed up our Title I files (required to be kept for 5 years) to a thumb drive. I went to retrieve a file one day, and nothing. Something had broken on the inside, and it no longer worked. When I frantically called the districts technology help desk, they sent up an IT guy who looked at me in SUCH a condescending way and said "well, NO one should save documents on a thumb drive. You SHOULD have saved it to a CD" Who knew that?? So...I feel your pain!


  9. Oh no! I'm not sure what you could do. I hope you'll be able to retrieve the files! I have my things on one jump drive and freak out every time I misplace it. This year I plan on backing everything up on an external hard drive and my computer just in case!

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  10. As much as possible, avoid leaving your flash drives on your laptop port and sleeping with your laptop near you, Sarah. Pets tend to play with things around them. We can't blame them if they broke our stuff; after all, it’s our responsibility to take care of our pets and our valuables.

    Nannie Salyards

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