Happy FALL! Click to win!

I am getting so super excited for my big classroom reveal on FRIDAY! I can’t wait to show y'all all of the hard work I have put into my classroom.

I have just completed my HAPPY FALL! unit for my TPT store. It is my favorite! I will email it FREE to the first TWO people who follow my blog and comment with their email address. Please check it out in my TPT store HERE.

I really appreciate EVERY purchase. Being a first year teacher is rather expensive and it really helps to have some extra money to use in my classroom!

Also, it must be my lucky week! I was one of the first people to comment on Gladys from Teaching in High Heels post about her new Classroom Awards. They are awesome!

I hope y’all are having a great week! I am LOVING the Olympics.

I have two more weeks of summer, AH!

Flash Drive Tragedy

I have been too devastated to post.

 In May, I had to completely wipe my computer clean so, I saved everything to disks and flash drives. Well, I have been lazy and not put all of my pictures are documents back onto my computer. So, all of my old documents were saved on a flash drive. Last night I left this flash drive in the computer and woke up to tragedy...

My laptop tumbled off the couch and landed on its side and the metal on the flash drive completely bent. I think I am blaming one of the cats. Most likely this one:

Kitty Boy. Haha. He is a long story. 

I think I might go plead with the Geek Squad at Best Buy and see if they can help me. My computer doesn’t “recognize the device.” Sadness. 

Has this ever happened to anyone before? Is there any hope?

On the bright side, I have decided to have a little classroom “reveal party.”

 I am SO, SO, SO excited to share my classroom with everyone. So, I will be “revealing” it on August 3rd!

 I will post all of my pictures and have a surprise for my followers. I really wish that I could also serve y'all a cupcake and lemonade (or a margarita!) to celebrate. 

I will be posting in the meantime but, I hope that you will come back on August 3rd and see my classroom. It's a circus! : ) 

 Have a great rest of the week!

Newbie Blog Hop

I am linking up for the Newbie Bloggers Blog Hop. I am still fairly new to the blogging world but, I feel like I am finally starting to figure it all out : ) 


    1.  What state you are in: TEXAS!
    2.  Your current teaching position: I will be teaching kindergarten this year.
    3.  Your teaching experience: This will be my first year teaching!
    4.  When you started blogging: I started setting up my blog in December, but I really       didn’t start to figure it all out until about March or April. I still definitely consider myself  new to blogging!
    5.  Share a blogging tip / blogging resource: When you leave comments on other people’s posts make sure to include a link to your own blog. Use this code:


So for my code I type: in the TYPE YOUR BLOG WEBSITE HERE and I type Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas in the TYPE WHAT TEXT YOU WANT TO APPEAR SECTION. This little code makes it so much easier for others to visit your blog

I hope you will visit some of these new blogs!


Classroom Pets?

My classroom is almost finished! 
Hip Hip Hooray! 

I have put in many, many hours this week. I can’t wait to share pictures soon! 

Now I am thinking about some of the “details” of my classroom. I am wrestling around the idea of a classroom pet. In elementary school I LOVED when teacher’s had pets. I want a pet that would be fun for the kids, but somewhat easy for me. I have thought about a frog, or a hermit crab or maybe a rabbit? 
I have been researching all day...

Ribbit, Ribbit (Source)

This might creep me out. (Source)

Aweee (Source)

In my classroom pet google-ing I came across this awesome program: Pets in the Classroom. They have six different grants to help fund classroom pets for the purpose of teaching children how to care and bond with animals.  The grants can be used to purchase the pet and supplies and equipment needed. Applications for the 2012-2013 school year will be available on August 1st. The information can be found at the Pets in the Classroom website HERE.

I also came across an entire blog about classroom pets! You may recognize some of the blog contributors too. Visit Critters in the Classroom by clicking HERE.

So, here are my questions for you:
 Do you have a classroom pet? 
What kind? 
Any pet advice?

I hope you are having a great weekend! : ) 

Writing Clipboard

I have been practically dancing through the school supply aisles. I just love buying brand new markers, notebooks, crayons, pencils and paint. I find all sorts of things that I didn’t even know I needed...

At Walmart, I found this clipboards for $1.44. I bought 5 of them to use in my Work on Writing area. I am setting up this area for kids to come and get their supplies, then they can go back to their desk to write or find a different spot in the room to work. Then, I got the idea to make a little writing clipboard for the kids to reference. Since I will be teaching kindergarten, I wanted something super simple for the beginning of the year. I used this great Alphabet Chart from Tammy at Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten. Click HERE to see her post and pick up the alphabet chart. Make sure you leave her a comment! : )

I attached the alphabet chart with clear contact paper from Mardel ($2.99 a roll.)

As the year goes on I will probably add more information to the writing clipboard, but for now I think the alphabet chart will be the most helpful. When I create a new reference page for the clipboard I will make sure and share : )

What types of supplies do you keep in your writing center?

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

MOO and My Classroom

My classroom is starting to look like a classroom rather than a giant mess! I work with the SWEETEST kindergarten teacher team. They have been helping me organize and clean all week. I don‘t know what I would have done without them.

This morning I went to a garage sale and hit the jackpot. I just happened to go to a random sale and it was a teacher having it! She had SO much stuff. Tubs, and tubs of bulletin board things, border, toys, puppets, books, EVERYTHING. I think I will go back tomorrow and see what she has left. My classroom is a circus/ carnival theme and look what I found:

He is really precious. Some clowns frighten me, but I love him. I put him up in my classroom today : ) I only took pictures on my phone so they are a little blurry.  I don’t think I’m keeping that filing cabinet, so I may have to rearrange him. All of the number words are listed on his suit and then the balloons have that number of dots. 

I also found these stuffed masks. I think I will just use them for a fun center or to act out a story. They were NEW with TAGS! 50 cents apiece. I couldn't resist.

And this is going to really make you laugh. One of the masks was a cow mask. By fate, if you dress up as a cow today and go to Chik-fil-a you get a free meal. So I put on my cow mask and went to Chik-fil-a hahaha.
I may have embarrassed my family.

Here a few pictures of my classroom so far. I'm sorry they are all from my phone and a little blurry. But maybe you can see that I have made some progress : ) 

This is my work work area and my popcorn word wall. I still need to put up my header!

This board will be used for my Daily 5 anchor charts. The outside border has cute (NOT creepy) little clown faces. I found it at the garage sale today too! I am going to use the table and three drawer organizer for writing. I also think I will put up a "What Can I Write?" poster on the side of my filing cabinet. Please notice the spice racks on the left. IKEA! I asked the lady, "Do you have any wooden spice racks?" and she said, "The ones from Pinterest"? I thought it was funny.  I think they are really cute for displaying books! 

This is my calender area. I LOVE IT! It's all coming together and looking so bright and cheerful. I need to add a few more things to my board. My schedule will go on the long pocket chart on the right. 

I can't wait to have my classroom finished and share it with you! 
Happy Friday!


Random Math Ideas

I have been so busy! 
Over the weekend I went to Dallas for a Rangers game and shopping. I am officially obsessed with Lakeshore Learning. I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I could have bought everything!!! Luckily, they were having their big back to school sale. 

Then, the past two days I went to my first teacher workshops on math stations. The presentations were good, but I really just enjoyed meeting other teachers and getting some new ideas. I am planning to use the Debbie Diller math work stations in my classroom. I want to share just a few of the (random) math ideas I got from the workshop and other teachers:

 Quiet Mats: Certain noises make me crazy. One of the noises that gives me a headache is the sound of twenty four little dice rolling across the desk (and floor ah!) If you give your kids a “quiet mat” to put on their desks it can help decrease the noise. Quiet mats can be a piece of squishy drawer liner or a foam sheet. Apparently, lots of teachers do this. I would have never thought of it, but how smart! By squishy drawer liner I mean this stuff:

Giant Math Journal: I feel like it’s going to be really challenging to find ways to hold kinderbabies accountable for what they do at math stations. It’s easy for this time to become play time. Many of the older level teachers have the kids write about what they did or turn in recording sheets, great. My kids can’t write. One of the ideas that I really liked is to have a classroom giant math journal. After math stations everyone can meet at the carpet and share some of the things that they learned while the teacher records it on a big journal.  It’s also an extra opportunity to throw in a little interactive writing! I just made this up to show you how it would look (I like visuals):
I just think that it’s a good way for student’s to share what they accomplished and for you to ask some questions and dig a little deeper.

Math Manipulatives: One of the easiest ways to change up a math station is to change out the manipulatives. Send a ziploc bag and a little note home with each kiddo asking them to gather small items around the house to keep at school as math manipulatives. What an easy (and FREE) way to get some new manipulatives. You can even send home some suggestions: marbles, buttons, water bottle caps, small erasers, army men, beads, legos...

Math Videos: A few teachers also mentioned a few good YouTube videos that they used in their classrooms.I love little songs. 

Well, I think I’m moving into my classroom this weekend. I am starting to panic. I can’t believe it’s already almost mid- July. I have been working really hard, but I still feel like I haven't made any progress noticeable to anyone but me! I just have to clean everything out and get it organized or I can't function.
Maybe I will post some pictures tomorrow : )

Let me know if you have any ideas or advice for using math work stations in a kindergarten classroom!

Classroom Theme?

Hi y'all,

I have just returned from Phoenix, AZ after a 12 hour drive, yuck. Oh my goodness, y'all I thought Texas was hot, but Arizona is HOT. It was nice to spend some time with grandparents, but they don't have WiFi so I am behind in my blog reading : (  
During my time in Arizona, I was haunted by the classroom theme issue. I was determined not to pick a classroom theme. I really wanted to stick with primary colors and throw in some polka dots and stripes. 

But, I couldn’t resist. 

All of the kinder teachers on my team have the cutest classroom themes and the kids (and other teachers) recognize the rooms based on the theme.  So, I decided that I needed to pick one specific theme. I thought about owls; have you seen all of the cute owl stuff out right now? It is all so precious, but, none of it fit right with my primary colors. I also thought about chameleons or crayons or western or … 

THEN, it came to me..


It fits perfectly with my primary colors and polka dots and stripes. 
ANNNNDDDD, I have a popcorn word wall in my classroom so it all goes together perfectly. I have been pinning and google-ing like crazy to find all of the perfect decorations and ideas. I am so excited that I have committed to a classroom theme, whew! 

What theme is your classroom? Do you change themes every year? Does anyone else happen to be doing a circus/carnival theme?

I can't wait to hear your theme ideas and catch up on my blog reading! 
I hope you have a relaxing and fun Fourth of July!