Word Wall Ideas and Giveaway Reminder

I should be in my classroom next Tuesday! I can’t wait to start working and putting everything together. This week I have been printing out all of the things I have made and bought from TPT. I’m using a record breaking amount of ink and cardstock.

My main focus today has been putting together everything I need for my popcorn word wall. After printing out my word cards I decided that I wanted to add some sort of background to them. I am a really visual person and I know that colors really help things stick in my head. So, I really wanted to use different colors to help the words stand out to my kids.  I LOVE these index cards! Much better than using expensive color ink! : )

Red, yellow, green, blue and black polka dots! 

I just printed and glued all of my popcorn words in the middle of each card and ta-da a perfect border! My popcorn word wall cards fit perfectly on any type of index card.

Then, this is how I organize my word cards.

Please ignore the fact that I need to print and add a cute label. #forgiveme

The index card holder  keeps things organized and the alphabet tabs make it super easy to find the word card I need. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Erica! I'm trying to stay as organized as possible this year!

  2. Congrats on getting to go into your new room. That is really fun! Your cards look great! It looks like you have a lot of words too. How many words do you put on your K word wall? (I am a new follower)

    1. I have word cards for the 100 HFW from Fountas and Pinnell plus the number words and colors. There is no way I would ever display all of the words or use them at once. But, I wanted to make sure that I have them to choose from : )

  3. You are so smarty- what a great idea to find index cards. I had no idea they even made them. I know what you mean about the ink. I had to buy some yesterday. I was out after just a week! Good job on those word cards!

    1. I know! I was so surprised about how many cute colors and prints of index cards there are! I guess we need to be on the look out for some ink sales haha.

  4. I love how you organize your word cards! It's on my summer to-do list! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us

  5. These are too cute! I can't wait to see your classroom after it is all decorated for ready for your kinders. :)

  6. Love your idea for how you organized all the words. Great idea!!


  7. Love the cards and the organization box!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  8. What a great idea!! I love your theme!! Where in Texas are ya? My husband is from Texas. I'm a New Yorker ((yeah, I know, I know...he married a "Yankee" haha)) I cant wait to read all your updates! I am currently getting my Masters in Teaching and work as an Assistant at an Elementary School. I cannot wait to have my own classroom!!
    Mrs. Wilson's World

  9. SO smart!! haha why do I not think of things like this to make my life easier?! I'm definitely going out to Mardel today to get started on this! Love it! P.s. I'm in Lubbock - where are you?!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  10. Hi Sarah,

    I found your blog through Pinterest and I am so glad I did. I am now following you and I love the word wall and your organization tips. Good luck on your first year teaching Kindergarten because you are going to fall in love with it.

    Deb at Fabulously First
    My TpT Store

  11. howdy! I'm your newest follower...also in Texas!!

    Carrie :)
    The First Grade Derby

  12. Wish I could find index cards this cute in NZ! No luck so far :( I am a beginning teacher and what I really want to know is when do you change your words around? I understand the not putting them up all at once but when do I rotate them? I'm so caught up in everything else that it feels a bit like something I'd never get round to...

    1. I found these at Mardel! Look online : ) I have specific words for each six weeks and just add on each six weeks period! : ) if you keep them laminated and magnetic and ready to go its easy! : )

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