I have a little secret…
I was offered a job yesterday!
My DREAM job at my DREAM school!
All of the paperwork through HR hasn’t gone through yet so, I’m not saying too much until it is completely “official!” But, I had to tell someone : )
I couldn’t be any more excited!!!
I will announce details as soon as everything is official.
This weekend I am headed to Canton, TX for First Monday Trade Days! I am so excited to spend some time with the family and boyfriend. I will post on Sunday with some of my goodies! I also can’t wait for the HUGE Teacher’s Appreciation Blog Hop. There are going to be so many great freebies. If you haven't heard about it yet click HERE for details.
It’s going to be a great weekened! Happy (almost) Friday!


  1. Congrats!!! I am in Texas too. We had plans to go to Canton this weekend too, but we had an illness in the family come up. Anyway, where are you in TX? I teach in Texarkana ISD.

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  2. Congrats!!

    I moved from Oklahoma to Texas about a year ago, and I'm still searching for a class of my own here. Do you have any tips or tricks for landing a job around here?

    I'm your newest follower, by the way. When I DO get a classroom of my own here -- finally! -- I'll be looking to your blog for some Texas inspiration. :)