May Madness

Where did this week go?
I had so many plans of things to read and do and make! And it didn’t happen! It was a busy week! I spent the first part of the week with a migraine. I have never had a headache like that! It was miserable. I went to the doctor and the  prescribed some medicine that finally helped. I hope headaches don’t become a normal thing.
I have spent the past two days observing/volunteering/meeting everyone at my school! I am just in love with the school, the kids and the staff there! It just feels like home. Everyone has been so nice to me!
Today was a crazy day with all of the Mother’s Day festivities. H-E-B does a cake decorating activity with the kids every year for Mother’s Day (they even did it when I was a kid there!) Kids pay like $5 (I think) to decorate a cake for their mom. H-E-B provides a plain white frosted cake and then all of the supplies to decorate. The kids LOVED pouring on icing, big sprinkles, small sprinkles, pink sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, more icing and plastic rings on their cakes. I’m sure they are delicious…haha. I wish I had a picture to show you, but I feel creepy taking pictures of kids I don't really know and my fingers were covered in frosting. These cakes looked like sugar sprinkle mountains!
I don’t have the freebie I anticipated yet, it's coming! : ( But, I do have a fun video to share. I visited one of my very favorite teachers and she was using this video during a transition time in her classroom. I really liked it! Enjoy : )
(I'm sorry I don't know how to embed it as a video!)

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