This is my last week of student teaching! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Where did this semester go? Where did college go? I will be at my elementary school 4 days this week then Friday I have a student teacher celebration at my college school. Then I will be searching for a job and graduate in MAY! Woo!  
I had big plans today to relax and lay by the pool. However, Mother Nature had plans for a West Texas dust storm and her plans blew mine away (literally). So I used the day to be productive!
First of all, I uploaded FREE Spring Counting by 5’s Cards on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Click HERE. Enjoy!

I have also been tackling my book collection. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE children’s books! I have three big tubs of them under my bed. People get a kick out of them. I will be very well prepared when I have my own classroom. But, I still want MORE, MORE MORE!!! Anyways, I always run into the problem that I forget what books I have. So I usually have to dump out all three tubs in search of one book only to find that I don’t really have it, I just thought I did. I found a solution! I made myself a “Children’s Book Database” using an Excel Spreadsheet. I took out all of my children’s books and entered in the title, author, genre and chose a category for each book. Then, I had the little Excel genius in my computer sort it into alphabetical order. Then I printed out the 11 pages so I will have it on hand for reference. It was very time consuming but, I know it will be worth it next time I say “Hmmm I wonder if I have that book…” Sometime I want to sort all of my books into categories so I know that all my Eric Carle books are in Bin #1 and my Clifford books are in Bin #2. But, that will have to be another day…

Here is what my little database looks like! 400 books!
Tomorrow is TEXAS DAY at school! Yeehaw! We have been studying Texas for the past few weeks and this will conclude the unit. I hope the kids (and parent volunteers) remember and dress up! And as if it won’t already be an exciting day, our chicks should have hatched! They were due to arrive into the world on Saturday. All day Friday we hoped for some chicks anxious to break out of their shell and into the world, but no such luck. So hopefully we have some sweet little chicks tomorrow! I am so excited.

Little chicky chick eggs on Friday.

I also attended my last college formal this weekend. It was so much fun and nice to spend some time with people my own age! I forget that I am still in college (for one more month at least)!

Me and the Boyfriend. He got a new cowboy hat this weekend, maybe he will let me borrow it for Texas Day hmmm...

Look for a fun-filled post about TEXAS DAY and the baby chicks tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Sarah! I'm in school to be a teacher and I'm so glad I found your blog. I have a serious love for children's books as well...the last time I counted I had 287 for my future classroom library. I know you will be fabulous in kindergarten and I'm excited to follow you as you start your first year!