FREEBIE continues...

Hello Friends,
I will continue my schedule card deal posted yesterday! If you follow me before 12:00 P.M. FRIDAY leave me a comment with your email and I will send you my cute and brand new schedule cards. Or if your too late they are posted on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click HERE. It’s hard getting starting in the blogging world! Any suggestions for building up your follower base?
Tomorrow is my LAST day of student teaching! I don’t know if I should cry or smile. I will miss my kids so much! I can’t imagine how attached and sad I will be when I have been with one set of kids the whole year. I started getting the “I will miss you Miss Taylor” letters and pictures today. So cute! I will have to post them. Some of their spellings of my name make me a little worried about their phonetic skills haha : )
ANNNNDDDDDD……Guess What?!?!?
“What?” you say…
I have my first official job interview scheduled for the first week of May.  I have been doing the happy/ nervous/giddy dance all afternoon! They are looking for a kindergarten, first, second and fifth grade teacher.
So exciting!
I need to finish my preparation for the last day! : ( Goodnight!

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