Five Things I am Loving in April

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments y'all have left me the past few days. I am so excited to have new followers : ) I plan to look at everyone's blogs all afternoon!
Look at this fun linky party about things you love in April. I thought I better do this before April is over! If you want to join the fun link up here:

1.       I am loving being finished with school! It’s so nice having a few weeks to wind down and relax before graduation. I am also very grateful to have an interview this week.

2.       I am loving the warm temperatures! The past two days I have been able to lay out by the pool. Ahhh! Boyfriend has also been in the grilling mood! This was dinner last night, mmmmm!

3.       I am loving baseball season! I love the Texas Rangers. I hope I can go to a few games sometime this summer.

4.       I am loving my new blog design. Everytime I go to my page it makes me smile.

5.       I am loving Sheridan’s! I have just rediscovered this place over the past few weeks. They have the BEST frozen custard. I order the dirt and worms which is vanilla custard with oreos, chocolate sprinkles and gummy worms. Healthy huh? They even have puppy cones which makes Luke very happy.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I love your blog design too. It's very cute!
    Thanks for linking up.


  2. Interview?! Woo Hoo!! Hope all goes well!!

    Creating & Teaching

  3. Just wanted to say "hey" from a fellow Texas teacher! Your blog looks really great!