My student teaching and college days are over! What a weird feeling! I am so excited about finding a teaching job and having my own classroom!
I had a really special last day in Kindergarten. Many of the kindergarten teachers have student teachers so, they had a little lunch for us. I had some delicious chicken pot pie and a microwave cake! I had never heard of such a thing! You literally bake the cake in the microwave! I will be searching for this recipe on Pinterest.
I got lots of great little gifts that will really help when starting my classroom.

My kiddos also wrote me tons of sweet little notes and drew me some pictures. I need to create a little box or notebook for all of these little treasures to go in.
One of my little boys even wrote a book called “All about Ms. Taylor.” He interviewed me at recess to make sure that he knew all about me. Then, he wrote this little book and read it to the class. SO precious!

I gave all of the kids a cute little eraser and a note. One of the kids LOVES to chew off pencil erasers and that top metal part. So, pencils with easers are a hot commodity in their classroom. They are usually out of their seat because they are looking for or borrowing an eraser. So, they were really excited to each have their own!

I also brought popsicles to have a popsicle party for snack. Popsicles can’t be served unless they are 100% fruit juice. The ONLY popsicles I could find that were 100% fruit juice were like $6 for a box of 4 and I wasn’t about to spend like $30 on popsicles. So, I bought 90% fruit juice popsicles and disposed of the cardboard box evidence. Oops. I hope no one gets upset that their children were missing that extra 10% of fruit juice in their popsicles. The kids didn’t seem to notice! : )

My favorite activity of the day was an activity with Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been reading this story and today we did a little activity where the students made the giant from the story. We split the kids into four different groups and each group was assigned a part of the giant to make on butcher paper. One group made the head, one made the pants, one made the top and the last group made the arms, hands and feet. It was a really good activity for practicing teamwork and sharing. They also measured the different body parts using unifix cubes, gotta throw in some non-standard measurement math!

 I was walking around the room supervising when I nearly died. My little friends working on the pants called out to me that they were finished. So, I went over to inspect their work and look what I found!

Ahhhh! Hahaha. “Miss Taylor we even made a zipper for his pants!” So funny. A few of the other kids noticed the inappropriate-ness of the situation and said things like “Your zipper looks like private parts.” Nonetheless, we hung our Giant up in the hallway and I think every teacher on our side of the building was laughing and taking pictures. After school, we did a little zipper reconstruction. The kids really loved doing this little project and the opportunity to be creative.

When I came home I found a cake from my sister, Melissa. Mmmmmm : )

What am I doing now? I’m giving myself a few needed days to relax! I already have a hair appointment, pedicure and massage booked! I have also started making things for my own classroom! I sure do hope I get one of the lower grades! I will post pictures soon!
Have a happy and blessed weekend!


  1. Yay! Congratulations! Best wishes with your job search =)

    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

  2. Congrats on finishing up your student teaching! I know what a relief that is! I am only in my second year of teaching so those memories aren't too far from me! :)

    What grade do you plan on seeking a job in?

    Creating & Teaching

  3. I am really hoping for a kindergarten spot somewhere! I would really be happy with any lower elementary spot. I have an interview next week. I can't wait! : )

  4. I remember my last days of student teaching! Can't believe it was two years ago! I'm your newest follower and a fellow Texas blogger!! :) Welcome to the blogging world!

    Wild about Teaching!

  5. Its great post....congratulations.thanks for sharing..!! Plastic cards