Chicks, Bunnies and Cockroaches! Oh My!

That’s right cockroaches! AH! The past few days there have been so many terrible, disgusting cockroaches everywhere! I nearly DIED when I opened the printer drawer to add more paper and one of those terrible creatures ran out! DIED! They must be out to get me! Luckily, I have one precious boy in my classroom who picks them up (usually with his bare hands!) and takes them outside. I would prefer to stomp them to death but, the kindergarteners seem to prefer to do the humane thing and let them go outside and continue their nastiness. Ah! I can barely talk about it. Well, today I get home from school and back to my apartment to find this lovely notice on the counter:

Perfect. They are out to get me at school and at home. I will probably have trouble sleeping tonight, ah!
On the bright side, let’s talk about the chicks and bunnies! We started some Easter/Spring activities today. We read the book, “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick.” I LOVE that entire series of books! The kids also enjoy the rhyming and repeated phrases. Then we made these precious little chicks! I found the idea on Pintrest from GREAT stuff on that site! They turned out so cute and then kids were so excited about making them!

AND…We are hatching real chicks! My cooperating teacher has some little chick eggs incubating at her house right now! She hasn’t brought the eggs up to school yet (probably due to the threat of cockroach attack) but, they will be coming very soon! I hope that they hatch in time for me to be there! It is going to be so much fun!
We also made our “bunny jugs” for the Egg Hunt on Friday. My teacher found this idea on Pintrest too, but I’m not sure where exactly from. My only complaint is that the top part where the plastic was cut kept on cutting me! Ouch! And, it takes careful supervision to watch kindergartners with Sharpies! They enjoyed putting their little chick eggs inside the bunny.

Happy Spring!

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  1. HI Miss Taylor! Sprinkles to you for being such a proactive student teacher. I would love to have you teach at my school. Where are you located? I am in Pflugerville (Austin). You asked on my blog who designed it - it's Erica at Creating and Teaching. She is awesome! I am so glad to have found another TX blogger. Take care,

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten