Cheep cheep! Yeehaw! Cheep cheep!

5 hatched over the weekend and then two little ones hatched today. It was so exciting. Chick #1 (who I have named Wiz ,more on that later) arrived at the exact time the kids left for specials time. Looks like I was telling the truth when I kept saying “They won’t hatch if you aren’t quiet!” I caught the whole thing on video, it was really neat! Another chick started to hatch but, he died in the process because he never came out : ( I was the first person that Chick #1 saw so I’m pretty sure he thinks that I am his mother. Chick #2 came out while we were out of the room for Texas Day, more on Texas Day later…
Here are some photographs from the egg hatching process:

Isn't that just amazing? I'm sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry, I was trying not to disturb the process.

At the end of the day, Chick #1’s feathers were dry so we got him out to visit. The children tried so hard to remain calm and gentle but, they were SO excited that they probably gave chicky a heart attack.

And here are both of our little hatching chicks.

Then at the end of the day a little idea popped in my head. “I really want to take Chick #1 home.” So I did. I packed him up in a little plastic tub and ran by Tractor Supply on the way home to get some chicken supplies. I set him up a nice little area in my bathroom. He even ate his first bite of real food in my presence. I told you he thinks I’m his mother. Don’t worry, my teacher is keeping the chicks at her house and building a coop so, this is just for the night. Can you imagine me with a chick in my apartment? Haha I would have to keep him in the bathtub or like the porch or something! I thinK I want to live on a farm now. How fun would it be too have farm animals and like fresh eggs? Here is the little baby:  

His first bites.

I named him Wiz K for Wiz Khalifa who is a rapper.. He sings the song “Black and Yellow” which basically just chants “black and yellow” over and over and throws in some inappropriate language here and there. I’m really not a fan the song is just fitting because Chick #1 is black and yellow. So I have been singing that to him all day and just decided to name him Wiz. My teacher took unnamed Chick #2 home to be united with his previously hatched siblings.  
On top of the chick excitement it was TEXAS DAY in Kindergarten. So much fun! There are 5 kindergarten classes in my school so, each classroom has a different activity and the kids just rotate around. Here are the stations that they attended:
Texas Chili Tasting and a Movie
Texas Friendship Bracelets
Texas Rodeo Games
Texas Bingo
Texas Cotton Movie and Activity
My classroom was the Texas Rodeo Games station. We took the kids on the playground and had thee different games set up. The games were: Cow, Cow, Bull (Duck, Duck, Gooses Texas style), Cowboy Relay Race and Cattle Roping. I was in charge of the Cattle Roping. The child sat on a hay barrel with a saddle on it and tried to toss a hula hoop around the neck of a longhorn on another hay barrel. SO MUCH FUN! Here are a few pictures.

Some of my friends dressed so cute!

These were the Texas Symbol Bracelets they made in another classroom. I don't know much about them but, I thought they were super cute!

Well Wiz and I are off to cheer for the Texas Rangers. Cheep Cheep!

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