I can’t believe it! Time is flying by! My last day of student teaching is April 19th! Then the hunt for a “real” teaching job is on! Prayers please!
We had another great week in kindergarten! We continued learning about Texas! We read a few different armadillo books. I couldn’t find any good non-fiction books about armadillos (any suggestions?) so most of our books were fictional and I just pulled in a few online articles to supplement. As a class we did a shared writing activity and wrote different facts about armadillos.

Then the students made their own armadillo and labeled the different body parts. They turned out so cute! I love the little hall display!

Some of the kids got a little carried away with the elbow macaroni : )

We did a few other fun Texas activities too!

I had my final observation from my supervisor on Wednesday. It was a really crazy day across campus because of the STAAR testing going on in the upper grades. My cooperating teacher was helping test an individual student so I had the kinder babies myself. My supervisor came to observe at math time and saw some of the centers I had planned. She was impressed!

I guess these are the only pictures I took : ( The practice stations were from C-SCOPE but, I tried to add my own twist and make them a little cuter and more fun!

Friday wrapped up our plant unit. It was such a fun unit to teach! We grew bean plants. I can’t believe how fast some of them shot up! I also planned an activity for students to try a few different vegetables and then try to guess what part of the plant it is. I expected the kids to moan and groan about having to try vegetables but, they loved it. I had lots of students asking/begging for more corn and celery.  

The kids loved guessing which vegtable was each part of the plant.

Have a happy and blessed week!