Estimation Class Book

Happy Saturday!
A few days ago I was looking around Barnes and Nobles and came across this great book! It’s called “Great Estimations” by Bruce Goldstone.

This book is full of real life pictures of different objects such as jellybeans, doll shoes, cheerios and bugs for students to practice estimating. It also teaches some little tricks about how to be a good estimator. And, it’s only $6.99! It also has some really good pictures for addressing number concepts. What does 10 cherries look like? What does 100 cherries look like?

This little book inspired an idea for a fun and easy class estimation book! (Don't worry it's all ready for you!)

First, give each student (or pair of students) a book page and an answer circle. It would probably help if you went ahead and numbered the pages and answer circles.

Next, have the students find a group of objects to photograph in your classroom (technology use!) I chose crayons for my example. But think of all of objects in your classroom your kids could estimate (pencils, paperclips, books, math manipulatives, paper, magazines....)

Have them photograph the object and then they need to count their objects and record the answer on the backside of the answer circle. Once everyone has photographed their objects, print out the pictures and have students glue their picture to the book page, add their name and fill in the blank.

Tape all of the answer circles on the answer page (it would be really cute if you printed the circles on colored paper.) The estimation answers should be written under each dot. This will create a little flip answer page. So you can be sure that there is no peeking : )

Now use the book! Have students take out a piece of paper and go through each page of the book and have students estimate how many objects are on each page. Then, flip to the answer page and check! How much fun!

This will be a classbook that your class will enjoy making and learning from. Maybe you could even loan it to another classroom and test their estimation skills?
I am working on making a better and updated version of this book to share soon! I hope this is useful to you or maybe even inspired some other ideas : )
 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Five Things I am Loving in April

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments y'all have left me the past few days. I am so excited to have new followers : ) I plan to look at everyone's blogs all afternoon!
Look at this fun linky party about things you love in April. I thought I better do this before April is over! If you want to join the fun link up here:

1.       I am loving being finished with school! It’s so nice having a few weeks to wind down and relax before graduation. I am also very grateful to have an interview this week.

2.       I am loving the warm temperatures! The past two days I have been able to lay out by the pool. Ahhh! Boyfriend has also been in the grilling mood! This was dinner last night, mmmmm!

3.       I am loving baseball season! I love the Texas Rangers. I hope I can go to a few games sometime this summer.

4.       I am loving my new blog design. Everytime I go to my page it makes me smile.

5.       I am loving Sheridan’s! I have just rediscovered this place over the past few weeks. They have the BEST frozen custard. I order the dirt and worms which is vanilla custard with oreos, chocolate sprinkles and gummy worms. Healthy huh? They even have puppy cones which makes Luke very happy.

Happy Friday everyone!


New Design and Library Preparations

I am so excited about my new blog design! Erin at Creating and Designing is amazing and put the finishing touches on it today. She also has a teaching blog with some really great ideas too!

This week I have been battling with computer problems. Why do people create weird, mean viruses? I don’t understand. I was (thankfully) able to get everything off of my computer before restoring it back to factory settings. Grrrr. I have heard that Pinterest has lots of viruses going around, so be careful about what you pin and click. Now, I have had to reinstall everything. I have almost got it all back to normal!  Finally : )
Today  I took on my book bin project. I have a little database of all of my children’s books so I know exactly what I have, but they are all just thrown in a random bin. So today I dumped everything out and sorted accordingly. It was fun to revisit some books that I have forgotten about! First, I made labels on my computer for all of my different book categories. This is what my label for my Junie B. Jones books looks like. 
(Don't you just love precious Junie?)
Total I think I had like 40 different categories of books. Some of my categories included: Valentine’s Day, School, Feelings, Curious George, Winter, Poetry, Animals, Insects…you get the idea! Some categories have three books and some have twenty. It's just a good way for my to by my OCD self!
I ran each of the card through my little laminator, which I LOVE by the way!

Then , the books took over my room and I sorted them into the different categories. Why didn’t I take a picture of this part?!? Ahhh!
Next, I put them all back in the bins  with the category cards.

Once the mess was put away, I labeled each bin with exactly what books were in it.

Then I slid all three bins back under the bed.

Here is my plan: I will have Velcro on the back of the category cards and Velcro on my book bins. Then, I will just Velcro on the card and put in the books in the bin. I want it to be easy to switch out the books in my classroom library.
How do you keep track of all your books?


My student teaching and college days are over! What a weird feeling! I am so excited about finding a teaching job and having my own classroom!
I had a really special last day in Kindergarten. Many of the kindergarten teachers have student teachers so, they had a little lunch for us. I had some delicious chicken pot pie and a microwave cake! I had never heard of such a thing! You literally bake the cake in the microwave! I will be searching for this recipe on Pinterest.
I got lots of great little gifts that will really help when starting my classroom.

My kiddos also wrote me tons of sweet little notes and drew me some pictures. I need to create a little box or notebook for all of these little treasures to go in.
One of my little boys even wrote a book called “All about Ms. Taylor.” He interviewed me at recess to make sure that he knew all about me. Then, he wrote this little book and read it to the class. SO precious!

I gave all of the kids a cute little eraser and a note. One of the kids LOVES to chew off pencil erasers and that top metal part. So, pencils with easers are a hot commodity in their classroom. They are usually out of their seat because they are looking for or borrowing an eraser. So, they were really excited to each have their own!

I also brought popsicles to have a popsicle party for snack. Popsicles can’t be served unless they are 100% fruit juice. The ONLY popsicles I could find that were 100% fruit juice were like $6 for a box of 4 and I wasn’t about to spend like $30 on popsicles. So, I bought 90% fruit juice popsicles and disposed of the cardboard box evidence. Oops. I hope no one gets upset that their children were missing that extra 10% of fruit juice in their popsicles. The kids didn’t seem to notice! : )

My favorite activity of the day was an activity with Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been reading this story and today we did a little activity where the students made the giant from the story. We split the kids into four different groups and each group was assigned a part of the giant to make on butcher paper. One group made the head, one made the pants, one made the top and the last group made the arms, hands and feet. It was a really good activity for practicing teamwork and sharing. They also measured the different body parts using unifix cubes, gotta throw in some non-standard measurement math!

 I was walking around the room supervising when I nearly died. My little friends working on the pants called out to me that they were finished. So, I went over to inspect their work and look what I found!

Ahhhh! Hahaha. “Miss Taylor we even made a zipper for his pants!” So funny. A few of the other kids noticed the inappropriate-ness of the situation and said things like “Your zipper looks like private parts.” Nonetheless, we hung our Giant up in the hallway and I think every teacher on our side of the building was laughing and taking pictures. After school, we did a little zipper reconstruction. The kids really loved doing this little project and the opportunity to be creative.

When I came home I found a cake from my sister, Melissa. Mmmmmm : )

What am I doing now? I’m giving myself a few needed days to relax! I already have a hair appointment, pedicure and massage booked! I have also started making things for my own classroom! I sure do hope I get one of the lower grades! I will post pictures soon!
Have a happy and blessed weekend!

FREEBIE continues...

Hello Friends,
I will continue my schedule card deal posted yesterday! If you follow me before 12:00 P.M. FRIDAY leave me a comment with your email and I will send you my cute and brand new schedule cards. Or if your too late they are posted on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click HERE. It’s hard getting starting in the blogging world! Any suggestions for building up your follower base?
Tomorrow is my LAST day of student teaching! I don’t know if I should cry or smile. I will miss my kids so much! I can’t imagine how attached and sad I will be when I have been with one set of kids the whole year. I started getting the “I will miss you Miss Taylor” letters and pictures today. So cute! I will have to post them. Some of their spellings of my name make me a little worried about their phonetic skills haha : )
ANNNNDDDDDD……Guess What?!?!?
“What?” you say…
I have my first official job interview scheduled for the first week of May.  I have been doing the happy/ nervous/giddy dance all afternoon! They are looking for a kindergarten, first, second and fifth grade teacher.
So exciting!
I need to finish my preparation for the last day! : ( Goodnight!

Follow me for a great FREEBIE

Wiz and I made it through the night! I was afraid that he was going to cheep, cheep, cheep all night, but he did fine! Another chick hatched last night so; he/she was waiting in the incubator this morning. I think Wiz was excited to be reunited with his chicky family.
I finished some daily schedule cards that I just uploaded to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I would LOVE if you checked them out. Just click HERE.

AND for everyone who follows my blog today AND leaves a comment with their email address I will send these cards to you FREE! Also, you must promise to leave some feedback : )

 That’s all I have for today! Have a great day!

Cheep cheep! Yeehaw! Cheep cheep!

5 hatched over the weekend and then two little ones hatched today. It was so exciting. Chick #1 (who I have named Wiz ,more on that later) arrived at the exact time the kids left for specials time. Looks like I was telling the truth when I kept saying “They won’t hatch if you aren’t quiet!” I caught the whole thing on video, it was really neat! Another chick started to hatch but, he died in the process because he never came out : ( I was the first person that Chick #1 saw so I’m pretty sure he thinks that I am his mother. Chick #2 came out while we were out of the room for Texas Day, more on Texas Day later…
Here are some photographs from the egg hatching process:

Isn't that just amazing? I'm sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry, I was trying not to disturb the process.

At the end of the day, Chick #1’s feathers were dry so we got him out to visit. The children tried so hard to remain calm and gentle but, they were SO excited that they probably gave chicky a heart attack.

And here are both of our little hatching chicks.

Then at the end of the day a little idea popped in my head. “I really want to take Chick #1 home.” So I did. I packed him up in a little plastic tub and ran by Tractor Supply on the way home to get some chicken supplies. I set him up a nice little area in my bathroom. He even ate his first bite of real food in my presence. I told you he thinks I’m his mother. Don’t worry, my teacher is keeping the chicks at her house and building a coop so, this is just for the night. Can you imagine me with a chick in my apartment? Haha I would have to keep him in the bathtub or like the porch or something! I thinK I want to live on a farm now. How fun would it be too have farm animals and like fresh eggs? Here is the little baby:  

His first bites.

I named him Wiz K for Wiz Khalifa who is a rapper.. He sings the song “Black and Yellow” which basically just chants “black and yellow” over and over and throws in some inappropriate language here and there. I’m really not a fan the song is just fitting because Chick #1 is black and yellow. So I have been singing that to him all day and just decided to name him Wiz. My teacher took unnamed Chick #2 home to be united with his previously hatched siblings.  
On top of the chick excitement it was TEXAS DAY in Kindergarten. So much fun! There are 5 kindergarten classes in my school so, each classroom has a different activity and the kids just rotate around. Here are the stations that they attended:
Texas Chili Tasting and a Movie
Texas Friendship Bracelets
Texas Rodeo Games
Texas Bingo
Texas Cotton Movie and Activity
My classroom was the Texas Rodeo Games station. We took the kids on the playground and had thee different games set up. The games were: Cow, Cow, Bull (Duck, Duck, Gooses Texas style), Cowboy Relay Race and Cattle Roping. I was in charge of the Cattle Roping. The child sat on a hay barrel with a saddle on it and tried to toss a hula hoop around the neck of a longhorn on another hay barrel. SO MUCH FUN! Here are a few pictures.

Some of my friends dressed so cute!

These were the Texas Symbol Bracelets they made in another classroom. I don't know much about them but, I thought they were super cute!

Well Wiz and I are off to cheer for the Texas Rangers. Cheep Cheep!
This is my last week of student teaching! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Where did this semester go? Where did college go? I will be at my elementary school 4 days this week then Friday I have a student teacher celebration at my college school. Then I will be searching for a job and graduate in MAY! Woo!  
I had big plans today to relax and lay by the pool. However, Mother Nature had plans for a West Texas dust storm and her plans blew mine away (literally). So I used the day to be productive!
First of all, I uploaded FREE Spring Counting by 5’s Cards on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Click HERE. Enjoy!

I have also been tackling my book collection. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE children’s books! I have three big tubs of them under my bed. People get a kick out of them. I will be very well prepared when I have my own classroom. But, I still want MORE, MORE MORE!!! Anyways, I always run into the problem that I forget what books I have. So I usually have to dump out all three tubs in search of one book only to find that I don’t really have it, I just thought I did. I found a solution! I made myself a “Children’s Book Database” using an Excel Spreadsheet. I took out all of my children’s books and entered in the title, author, genre and chose a category for each book. Then, I had the little Excel genius in my computer sort it into alphabetical order. Then I printed out the 11 pages so I will have it on hand for reference. It was very time consuming but, I know it will be worth it next time I say “Hmmm I wonder if I have that book…” Sometime I want to sort all of my books into categories so I know that all my Eric Carle books are in Bin #1 and my Clifford books are in Bin #2. But, that will have to be another day…

Here is what my little database looks like! 400 books!
Tomorrow is TEXAS DAY at school! Yeehaw! We have been studying Texas for the past few weeks and this will conclude the unit. I hope the kids (and parent volunteers) remember and dress up! And as if it won’t already be an exciting day, our chicks should have hatched! They were due to arrive into the world on Saturday. All day Friday we hoped for some chicks anxious to break out of their shell and into the world, but no such luck. So hopefully we have some sweet little chicks tomorrow! I am so excited.

Little chicky chick eggs on Friday.

I also attended my last college formal this weekend. It was so much fun and nice to spend some time with people my own age! I forget that I am still in college (for one more month at least)!

Me and the Boyfriend. He got a new cowboy hat this weekend, maybe he will let me borrow it for Texas Day hmmm...

Look for a fun-filled post about TEXAS DAY and the baby chicks tomorrow!
I hope everyone had a very happy Easter!
I didn’t have Friday or today off : ( We were suppose to have Friday off, but we had to make up a bad weather day. Boo! I was still able to go home and see my family though since I live close by! It was so nice to be home for a weekend.

My little sister and I

My whole family ready for church!
I am down to 8 more days of student teaching! 8! Where has the time gone? I’m not sure!
 I have been doing a happy dance all day because I  have FINALLY finished all of the assignments for the Capstone class that goes with student teaching. I can’t tell you how many papers, reflections, lesson plans and discussions I have written. I am SOOO happy to be finished with all of that!
Today we started non-standard measurement. I filled plastic eggs (haven’t gotten over Easter yet) with different lengths of gift wrapping ribbon. The kids each got to choose an egg and open it up. Everything is more fun hidden in a plastic egg! Then the kids measured their piece of ribbon using unifix cubes. They then compared their piece of ribbon to their classmates. They kept a record of whose piece of ribbon was longer, shorter or the same size as theirs. The kids were really engaged and enjoyed interacting with each other. I want to make a cuter worksheet to go with this activity then I will be happy to share : )

Well I'm off to watch my Texas Rangers! I am LOVING the start of baseball season!
Happy Monday!


Chicks, Bunnies and Cockroaches! Oh My!

That’s right cockroaches! AH! The past few days there have been so many terrible, disgusting cockroaches everywhere! I nearly DIED when I opened the printer drawer to add more paper and one of those terrible creatures ran out! DIED! They must be out to get me! Luckily, I have one precious boy in my classroom who picks them up (usually with his bare hands!) and takes them outside. I would prefer to stomp them to death but, the kindergarteners seem to prefer to do the humane thing and let them go outside and continue their nastiness. Ah! I can barely talk about it. Well, today I get home from school and back to my apartment to find this lovely notice on the counter:

Perfect. They are out to get me at school and at home. I will probably have trouble sleeping tonight, ah!
On the bright side, let’s talk about the chicks and bunnies! We started some Easter/Spring activities today. We read the book, “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick.” I LOVE that entire series of books! The kids also enjoy the rhyming and repeated phrases. Then we made these precious little chicks! I found the idea on Pintrest from GREAT stuff on that site! They turned out so cute and then kids were so excited about making them!

AND…We are hatching real chicks! My cooperating teacher has some little chick eggs incubating at her house right now! She hasn’t brought the eggs up to school yet (probably due to the threat of cockroach attack) but, they will be coming very soon! I hope that they hatch in time for me to be there! It is going to be so much fun!
We also made our “bunny jugs” for the Egg Hunt on Friday. My teacher found this idea on Pintrest too, but I’m not sure where exactly from. My only complaint is that the top part where the plastic was cut kept on cutting me! Ouch! And, it takes careful supervision to watch kindergartners with Sharpies! They enjoyed putting their little chick eggs inside the bunny.

Happy Spring!