Spring Break Catch Up

Thank God for Spring Break!
I have finally caught up on some sleep and lesson planning (and TV!)
I love my time in kindergarten! We have done so many fun things. Last week we had a few little leprechauns who were visiting our classroom! On Friday, they even left us a treasure map and some gold coins! I am so mad I didn’t take any pictures : [
Last week, I also planned a unit on fractions and equal parts. Here are a few pictures:

Students sorted shapes split into equal and unequal parts. Let me know if you want this shape sort! 
We also made the FRACTIONPILLAR seen all over Pintrest! I thought it might be a little challenging for some of my kinder babies but, they really did great and understood the concept!

We ended the unit with an Equal Parts Picnic. Students worked with a partner to cut clip art food into two equal parts. I just placed all of the needed items (clip art food, scissors, glue, picnic blanket) in a brown paper bag (from the grocery store...FREE!) and passed them out to the partner pairs. The kids loved it!

When we get back from Spring Break, I am going to make a bulletin board in the hall with a red and white checkerboard picnic blanket! It will be so cute!

bye yall! and happy SPRING BREAK !