Happy Saturday!
It’s such a beautiful weekend! Sunny and 87 degrees high! I wish I was feeling better. I must have picked up a little bug or something from the kids this week. I’m feeling achy, tired and light headed. Not a fun way to spend a beautiful weekend!
This was a busy week for me! Tuesday I attended a teacher job fair. I met with representatives from a few different school districts that I am really interested in! I’m really excited and can’t wait to start interviewing! I’m so ready to have my own classroom. Thursday I had a formal observation from my university supervisor. I always get nervous when someone comes to watch me teach! Luckily, the kids were on their best behavior!
This week we started our unit on TEXAS! SO much fun! Here are a few pictures:

Using a magnet board, students rearrnaged the letters in the word bluebonnet to make new words.

All of the students wrote and illustrated "My Book of Texas Symbols." They turned out really cute!

I also planned math practice centers this week. We reviewed concepts such as patterns, graphing,  addition and subtraction. Here are a few pictures:

 We graphed jellybeans.

 Students used stickers to model addition and subtraction problems.

 Students built different patterns using spring erasers! I am obsessed with these cute little erasers! Target Dollar section!

Students drew a domino on their paper and created a math problem using the pips on the domino. Then, students drew a different domino that would have the same sum.

I am working on putting all of these activites together and on TeachersPayTeachers soon!

Have a great weekend!