CVC Word Egg Hunt

I am already so excited to start planning activities for my sweet kindergartners. Today I attended science training for kindergarten teachers in the district. Those teachers were awesome and had some really great ideas for integrating science and reading! Some of them have been teaching for longer than I have been alive! 

 Here is one of the activities that I just uploaded to my TPT store that I want to share with you! I found this idea online at some point or another and I decided to put it all together. It is a CVC Word Egg Hunt! Students will open an Easter egg and find a picture inside. Students will identify the picture then, find the corresponding word on the worksheet. Students will color the egg on the worksheet the color of the egg they found the picture in. So, if the child found the picture of a rat in a pink egg, they would color the egg with the word rat pink! Fun! This activity focuses on CVC words with the short vowel sound and the kids will love opening the eggs! It’s all ready to go! Just print on cardstock and laminate! Here are a few pictures and the link to download:

This is the worksheet that goes with the activity!

The student opens up the green egg and finds a picture of a rat. 

So, on their worksheet they find the word rat and color the egg green!

Find it HERE! Can you tell I'm ready for SPRING?Hope everyone had a great Monday!

bye yall!