January Currently

It's time for the January Currently with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. Can you believe in a few hours it will be January?

I am listening to the TV. Nothing exciting to speak of.

I am LOVING this holiday break. I forgot how nice it is to sleep in and relax in my pajamas til noon if I want. I also love Live with Kelly and Micheal, so I have enjoyed watching that in the morning. 

Ahhh. I love fires and I'm glad it's finally cold enough in Texas to get one going. 

I am wanting more clip art and fonts. I see so many cute, cute fonts. Where is your favorite place to buy them online? I'm currently obsessed. 

I am planning to go up to school later this week and try to get everything all ready to go for the new semester. Yay!

My OLW is BLESSED. I really want to stop sweating the little things this year and remind myself how truly blessed I am. 

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Bring it on 2013!


Happy almost New Years!

Happy almost New Years! 

2012 has been a really BIG year for me! I am hoping that 2013 will be just as great! 

I am linking up with Jen at The Teacher's Cauldron for a New Year's Linky party. 

I am not usually a huge resolution person, but I have lots of things I want to focus on and improve this year!

Personal Resolutions:

Organize my computer! 
My obsession with clip art and fonts has quickly exploded and taken over my computer. I really need to get everything organized into folders. I also need to organize my pictures too. Not to mention my Pinterest boards... It's hard for me to "organize" on the computer because I get so easily distracted : )

Make a budget!
I have been really focused on saving for a house, but I really need to cut back on silly spending. I would probably DIE if I added up how much money I spend on Sonic drinks a month.

Blogging Resolutions:

Blog more often! 
I need to be better about scheduling posts and taking (and posting) pictures. I LOVE blogging and I am really good about reading yall's blogs; I'm just not always as good about posting. I promise to be better.

Host a linky party!
I will do this before 2013 is over! : ) 

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Enjoy the rest of 2012 friends! : ) 


Holly Bloggy Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family!

This year I was SO excited to participate in the Holly Bloggy Christmas gift exchange. The theme was My Favorite Things.
I sent a few of my favorite things to Erin at Blessings and Adventures. She is a first grade teacher in Long Island, New York. Here are a few of my favorite things..

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes: My kids are OBSESSED with anything Pete the Cat. This book was one of my favorites during the first few weeks of school. 

Texas Trash: I had to send something from Texas to Erin. There is a great store in my town that makes homemade candies and treats that I LOVE. So I included a little bag of their Texas Trash, mmmm. 

Reindeer Antlers: I just loved this reindeer antler headband. I thought it would be a fun prop to use in classroom Christmas pictures. 

Sour Mints: These are my favorite mints. I pop them in my mouth during the day when a need a little something sweet. 

Christmas Kitchen Towels: I just love holiday kitchen towels. They are so cute and handy. 

In exchange, I received a precious gift from fellow Texas Teacher Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade. I love this cute little book. One of my projects over the break is to fill it with pictures from our classroom Christmas party. Thank you so much Jennifer!

(For the life of me, I could NOT get this picture to stay rotated. I'm sorry. Tilt your head for a second!)

I had so much fun participating in the Holly Bloggy Christmas! A big thanks to these ladies for organizing all the fun:

Kindergarten Korner

December Fun

I haven’t had a chance to post in weeks. I love this time of year, but it is always so busy and go go go all the time. Today just felt different at school. The events in Connecticut have absolutely devastated me and really made me think. This morning I wasn’t planning to say much about it to my babies because I honestly don’t even want them to know that people like that exist. But, we practiced the safety procedures today and many of them knew all about the events and the gruesome details. It broke my heart. It was a great opportunity to talk about kindness and how we can care for other people. I really have a sweet bunch of kids.

This month has been so busy! I have had weddings to attend, Christmas parties, and my boyfriend had ear surgery so was out from school a few days and left my kids with sub. That stressed me out! I also received a Smart Board in my classroom AND my Donors Choose Project was completely funded a few days ago.  I feel so blessed and I am so excited to receive TWO iPod Touches for my classroom. Any great app suggestions?

Here are a few pictures from our BUSY month…

My Christmas Door that I LOVVVEE!
It turned out SO cute! : )

We put up our Christmas tree and a literally let the kids do whatever they wanted to. Can you tell?
We have since added some more ornaments.

Friday we made a super easy reindeer sandwich as we learned about the letter R. Each child needs one slice of bread, two pretzels and M&Ms for eyes and a nose. You can use jelly or peanut butter for the inside! I always let me students do the spreading with a popsicle stick. Oh and, these are my favorite books to teach the alphabet!

We also have a special classroom elf named Jingle. One day he seemed to be having some romance going on with Pinkalicious

Check out more December ideas HERE! 




Cyber Monday Sale

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so excited for the big TPT Cyber Monday and Bonus Tuesday Sale. HOORAY! Everything in my store will be 20% off! I am hoping to add some of my Christmas items tomorrow : )

Thanks so much to Ashley for the cute button! 

Happy Shopping Friends! Enjoy the last bit of your Thanksgiving Holiday! 


Turkey Time!

We are finally on THANKSGIVING BREAK! 
Before I go into relaxation mode, I wanted to post a few things that we did this short week. 

I introduced my kids to the idea of a "final draft." Last week we wrote a "rough draft" about what we are thankful for. Then, we looked at our"rough draft" to check for periods and capitalization and rewrote our writing onto this super fancy paper. Then they got to make a little turkey topper. 

" I am thankful for a car. I am thankful for a bear. I am thankful for lunch boxes. I am thankful for vampires. I am thankful for Miss Taylor."

Vampires were a popular thing to be thankful for in my classroom, hmmm? haha

They looked so cute in the hall! I am so proud of their writing!

We also made turkey cookies. I just sort of made up this cookie idea from a mix of different Pinterest ideas...

My kids had fun assembling them and licking their fingers. 

We also made macaroni necklaces, hand print cards and Indian headbands. Grrr I didn't take any pictures... 

I am already plotting my classroom Christmas decorations!!! : )

Enjoy your much deserved break! 


The Front Row Seating Club

Today I had one of the best of ideas of my short three month teaching career. 
When we are doing any type of cooking activity I usually try and do it at my back table and just have the kids gather around. This always lead to some unhappy friends saying things like "I CAAAANNNN'TTTT SEEEE!!!!" or "THAT'S NOT FAIRRRR, SHE ALWAYS GETS TO SIT BY YOU!" I'm sure you can relate. So, I created a special club called the Front Row Seating Club. Six special friends would be selected to be in the Front Row Seating Club for the special Pumpkin Playdough cooking event. Members of this club would be able to sit in the six chairs at my back table and watch (and help) me make the playdough from the "front row seats."
 Oh my Lord! 
This was the most wonderful thing ever!
Only friends making the best (and quietest) choices would be selected for the club.

 These were the coveted tickets:

I tried to collect the tickets from the kids as they sat in the front row, but a few friends wanted to keep them "forever and ever and ever." So, I let them haha : ) 

I came home and made some cuter tickets for you to use in your classroom. You can download them for FREE by clicking on the picture below. 

And, now for the main event: Pumpkin Pie Playdough! 

I used a great recipe from The Idea Room that you can read HERE.  
Beginning to mix. 
I bought this electric skillet yesterday just for the occasion! I think it will be a great classroom investment. 

It was a hit!

I hope yall had a great day!


October Catch Up

I can't believe it's so close to Thanksgiving!
 I haven't even posted some of my fun October ideas : (
Here is a quick catch up:

This was one of my kids favorite math centers. I used this little ice cube tray as a tens frame and found the eye balls at Dollar Tree. The kids flipped over a card and created that number using eye balls. They loved it!

We also made the COOLEST SLIME! THIS is where we found the recipe we used. The only ingredients are CLEAR glue and liquid starch. We also added glitter glue to make it a little more exciting. The kids were freaking out! My sweet room mom ran all over town finding my everything we needed : ) 

We also went on our big field trip to Fiddlestick Farms. Of course it fell on the coldest day so far. We had so much fun and the kids (and me) were EXHAUSTED! 

SO Tired haha

 I will be better about posting this month. AHH! 

This was also my first election to vote in! It was both of my sisters first time to vote too! Last time I hadn't turned 18 yet haha...

Let the countdown to Thanksgiving break begin! 
Gobble Gobble! 


Easy as Pumpkin Pie

 I really enjoy cooking with my kids. They absolutely love it and it's a fun thing to do on Fridays. Last week we made the easiest pumpkin pies. I always try to choose recipes that are fairly easy and don't involve lots of ingredients and preparation. One of my co-teachers shared this amazing recipe with me.  I have no idea where it originally came from, but it is so great and easy. 

Isn't that so easy? My kids loved it. The biggest secret is to make sure and use the canned pumpkin pie MIX. If you just use the filling it is yucky and not sweet enough. I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much blogging time, but I wanted to make sure and share this recipe for your classroom cooking needs : ) 

I will try and update this post with some pictures of us cooking. I left my camera at school, BOO : (

BOO! Linky Party


I am so excited about this fun Halloween Linky party posted by Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad. 

Here is how to play:

1. Choose three different bloggers: one with FEWER followers, one with about the SAME number of followers and one with MORE followers. 
2. Highlight each of their blogs with links and encourage others to check them out! 
3. Let them know that you shared their blog and head on over to offer them a treat or two! No tricks : ) 

Here are my blogs to share: 

Holly is another Texas teacher (and Texas Tech graduate) and she works with special needs students. She has some really great ideas for working with these special babies. Her classroom is also precious! 


Have you discovered this amazing blog yet? Oh my goodness! The entire blog is dedicated to freebies for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade! So many wonderful bloggers contribute to this blog and it is one of my new favorites. 

Jennifer teaches Kindergarten and she is so sweet. She always has so many wonderful ideas and tons of  generous freebies. You must follower her! 

Now, it's your turn! Pass on the BOO to a few of your favorite bloggers and link up! Have a great weekend! 

AT&T Teacher Discount

Did you know AT&T gives teachers a 15% off services discount? 

A few weeks ago one of my friends mentioned that she had heard AT&T had some sort of discount for teachers. So, today I was in the store and I decided to ask and sure enough they do! I just had to provide them with my school email address. Easy! : )

I am trying to get all of my report cards typed in my computer and finished up. If you are off tomorrow, I am extremely jealous. We have staff development, so it shouldn't be too bad : ) I sure would love an extra day to sleep in though (and blog creep in my pjs and fuzzy socks). 


Apples and Go Get 'Em Week!

Did you think I had fallen off the face of the Earth? I feel like I might have. This week was so crazy! It all really started when school was canceled last Friday. We had insane rain and flooding, which is very rare in west Texas. Friday was suppose to be our big apple day, so it was postponed til Monday. I'm sure you already know this, but "Friday activities" do not make the best "Monday activities." 
We also had picture day, the book fair and college week all going on. Ahhh!

Here are a few pictures from our apple day: 

Crockpot applesauce was a success!

We measured with apples. 

This was one of the activities I put in Word Work this week. It was so exciting to see a few of my kids create the sentences correctly! I might try to put it on TPT : )

We also did the CUTEST apple graph. I am so mad I didn't snap a picture. It's hanging in the hall so I will try and take one to share. 

This week was "Go Get 'Em" week.   It's basically just a week to promote higher education and college. I taught my kiddos the Texas Tech Fight Song and we read some of my cute Texas Tech books. We also did Texas Tech writing and took pictures dressed up as the Masked Rider. We even used "Guns Up" as the hallway quiet signal for the week. 
My little Texas Tech door. Look at my Masked Rider big pumpkin! I also love my Texas Tech pumpkin. Modge Podge : ) 

They looked so precious! 
He looks creepyish with his mouth blacked out : ( I am going to print them all out and add them to my Texas Tech door. 

All was well until we had a little Aggie invasion:

Luckily we let him in because he is so precious. Look at his little hat case! We aren't allowed to wear hats at school, but he brought it for show and tell for the letter H. 

If you aren't from Texas, you probably don't understand any of this : )
 I'm sorry!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! 

Fall Sight Word Game

In my classroom, we call sight words popcorn words. Some of my students are beginning to read and recognize these words. It is SO exciting! I decided to create a little sight word game for them to use for fall. 

You can find it in my TPT store HERE.

I will email a FREE copy to the first TWO people to leave me a comment with their email address : )
I hope you had a terrific Tuesday! 

Owls, Spacemen and Justin Bieber

Four week is a charm! I can honestly say I LOVE my job! We are finally starting to get into the swing of things and it is wonderful! 

This week we learned about letter O. We learned about owls and made these little owl snacks on Friday. 
This is the plate we shared with the office staff. Aren't they cute? 

We have also been focusing on rhyming words and nursery rhymes. Wednesday we have "Wacky Wednesday" and do a hands on science activity. The kids love it! This week we did a Humpty Dumpty egg drop activity. I asked (begged) a mom to hard boil a dozen eggs for the activity. I HATE the smell of eggs, gag gag gag! 

We dropped a hard boiled egg on different surfaces and predicted if it would crack or not. It was really a great activity to talk about how to conduct an experiment. We talked about how we had to drop it from the same height each time and we conducted each drop twice to make sure we hadn't made an error. We also talked about making predictions and that it's okay if we weren't correct.  

There was lots of squealing and clapping and screaming involved with this activity haha. I just created this little worksheet to go with the activity.

Friday we had our first mystery reader come. Every Friday I will invite a mystery reader to come and share a book with our class. The kids have no idea who our mystery reader will be until they walk in the door. It could be their parents, a cheerleader, a football player, our principal, a celebrity, anyone!  This week one of my student's grandmothers was our mystery reader. She is a retired teacher and literacy coach and was so excited to come and read to us.  She was WONDERFUL! My kids had convinced themselves that Justin Bieber was our mystery reader. I had to tell them that he wasn't allowed in our school due to dress code issues...

Heartbreaking, I know. Maybe next week...

I am putting together writing folders for each child to use during Daily 5 Work on Writing. One of the things in their folders is going to be their own personal writing words. During my guided reading group time on Friday I let the kids ask me how to spell anything. I wanted them to have a refence page for words they might spell often like sibling names or pet names, etc. Justin Bieber was also popular haha. And Michael Jackson? I can't wait to read some of their writing. 

Do you use space men in your classroom? I LOVE THEM! I have each child decorate a popsicle stick to keep in their school box. The spaceman helps them to leave space in between their words. I think someone space man was also designed to look like Justin Bieber...

Have a wonderful weekend! : )