Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Counting Caterpillar FREEBIE

Next week is our Butterfly and Insect unit! : ) I have been working hard to prepare some fun buggy activities for my kiddos that reinforce skills that still need reinforcing, if you know what I mean ; ) 

Meet Counting Caterpillar...

I created this activity to review counting by 2's to 20 and reinforce number recognition. Plus, I love caterpillars! I just made my sample at home, and I don't have any googly eyes to use, but I just couldn't wait to make him and share!

Click on the image below to head to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and download Counting Caterpillars to use in your classroom! While your there, make sure and follow my store! I am working really hard to update all of my products and put out some new freebies! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fun

I hope that everyone is having a happy and blessed day! We have been so busy with all of our spring and Easter activities, that I haven't blogged about any of them. If you have been following me on Instagram, than you have already had a sneak peak! If not, enjoy! : )

We spent most of the month counting down the days until our baby chicks hatched! We learned lots about chicks and chickens.

I just love teaching interactive writing! This group of kids has really struggled with using uppercase letters to begin a sentence. So, we have been using highlighter tape so really enforce starting sentences with uppercase letters. 


We got to watch this little guy hatch on the big screen. It was so exciting and I was so glad that the kids got to see it!

Then the next morning, I found this...
All of the babies were out! 

Luckily, it was hat day! Like my chick hat?

Of course, we have to have some rules...

We named all 5 chicks although we can't really tell them apart : ) Our posters turned out so cute and it was a good reminder lesson about all names starting with an uppercase letter. This set of posters hangs by the chick nursery and I made another set for the hallway. We will have the babies all week and then they will head to the farm!

We also learned about ducks and talked about the similarities and differences between chicks and ducks. 

Here are a few fun Easter writings that we did this week:
"I am EGGstra special because...
I am a nice person.
I share with my friends.
I am a kindergarten kid. 
I'm good at soccer.
I share my markers." 

"If I was the Easter Bunny I would hide some Easter eggs. I would eat a lot of candy. I would decorate a lot of eggs. And I would hide the eggs in the bush."

Egg Symmetry Painting

Thursday we had the big Kindergarten Math Easter Egg Hunt. Each child in my class has a number 1-19. The parents sent filled eggs labeled with each number 1-19.  So they brought an egg with the number 1 on it, an egg with the number 2 on it, all the way to 19. The students hunted for eggs that were labeled with their number. It was a great way to reinforce number recognition and ensure that everyone got an equal amount of eggs. 

She was number 17.

 After the egg hunt, we did a few corresponding math activities.

I found these buckets at Dollar Tree. I labeled each child's bucket with their name and number.

We ended the week with making Rice Crispy Nests. This is an Easter tradition and my family has made them for years. It has been fun to make them in my classroom too.

What a fun week! : ) 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Wonderful Wedding of Q and U

Last week was the WONDERFUL wedding of Q and U. This is one of my favorite phonics lessons the entire year! It is so meaningful for the kids and one of those special memories of Kindergarten! : )

 The Happy Couple
I bought the large wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and then painted and decorated them. 

For a wedding gift, we made a quilt for Q and U. Each child made a quilt square that included a qu word and a picture. 
Here is a close up of a few.

 Wedding Time! Q and U even chose the traditional wedding march for their big entrance! 

The Wedding Cake
I just bought a few packages of the Little Debbie Fancy Cakes and then stacked them into tiers. Then, I just added paper hearts and a topper. 


If you are looking for a great resource for the Q an U wedding, check this out. It's from Kathleen at Growing Kinders. I love the book she created to go with it and her wedding ceremony wording is HILARIOUS! 

Have a wonderful Saturday! 
Check back tomorrow for a HUGE post on Easter and Chicks : )

Monday, March 31, 2014

Dr. Seuss Day

So, I know I am way behind, but I just HAD to blog about Dr. Seuss Day! This has been a crazy month (see post below) so cut me a little slack : )

Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Wedding and Honeymoon

What an amazing and crazy month! I feel like I am always playing catch up, but this month I at least have a good excuse. I GOT MARRIED! : ) I still don't have the official pictures back from the photographer, but here are a few to share:

Please note the raindrops. It POURED the entire wedding. It was so sad because it was suppose to be outdoors and it had to be moved inside at the very last minute. I was so disappointed, but it was beautiful and we got some really neat pictures. Plus rain is suppose to be lucky and symbolizes fertility, great...haha : )

This was a photo collage that my best friend and bridesmaid Kate made, I just thought the pictures were so cute and I am still obsessing about my cake. In fact, it deserves it's own picture.

I LOVE IT! And it was so delicious too. 

Tyler and I : )

This picture just appeared on my phone's pictures. No idea who took it, but I'm so glad I have it.

My favorite flower arrangement. This is when it was still in progress by the florist, it was GORGEOUS.

Y'all planning a wedding is no joke! It was so much work and preparation. I am so glad to have all of that stress behind me! After the wedding, Tyler and I headed to Miami Beach and then onto Antigua. It was absolutely beautiful and so much fun!

Take me back!

I also haven't even posted about our fun Dr. Seuss Day and our Dinosaur Unit that wrapped up yesterday. It looks like my game of catch up will continue tomorrow! : ) It is gorgeous outside and I'm in the mood to plant some flowers. Have a Happy Saturday!