Sunday, January 25, 2015

It Was Love at First Sight Valentine Freebie

Looking for a cute and easy valentine to give your students this year? Look no further...

These FREE Valentine Printables can go with a variety of things.

 Sunglasses! These came from Dollar Tree.

Kaleidoscopes! Walmart had 8 packs of miniature kaleidoscopes for $2!

I hope you can use this FREEBIE! Just click the picture below to download it from TPT! 

I have been working really hard this weekend to get some of my "crafty" things finished because my days in this house are numbered! We will close on our house here NEXT WEEK, but all of our stuff is in Dallas. Hubby will move in March and then I head that way after the school year ends! We will be "homeless" the month of February. Luckily, my mom is taking us in! : ) 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jamming in January and a FREEBIE

It pains me to type this, but Bear Week was a BUST! : ( Bear week is one of my favorites all year long. Unfortunately, this year my body decided to fail I spent the entire week in bed. And I literally mean in bed. All of our furniture is already in Dallas, so the couch wasn't even an option! I finally turned back into a human on Friday and made an appearance at school for the final day of Bear week...

Everyone brought their favorite bear to share. 

They wrote about their teddy bear using descriptive words.

We also graphed gummy bears. They LOVED this! 

This FREEBIE is available HERE from My Teachers Pay Teachers Store. If you download, please leave feedback! : ) 

Luckily, last week we did get in some polar bear action!

These cute polar bears came from First Grade Blue Skies. You can find them FREE right HERE.

We also celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions. 

I LOVE this MLK craft. 

"I have a dream that my brother would not get sick. I don't want my sister to throw up. I have a dream that my mom would always be happy." This little friend is the sweetest!

 "I have a dream everyone will have water. I have a dream everyone will have food. I have a dream everyone will not die. I have a dream kids can go to school. I have a dream I have a job, I have a dream everyone has a school box." So sweet!

These make me smile! : )

This sweet friend even brought cupcakes to celebrate MLK's birthday on January 15. She wanted to get black and white cupcakes and put them next to each other since we could all be friends. Aweee! We even sang happy birthday to MLK! Someone even said, "It's kind of like baby Jesus. He isn't alive, but we can celebrate!" 

Next week is PENGUINS! : ) Happy Saturday!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sight Word Snowball FREEBIE

 After a long COLD week, we are finally starting to get back in the groove! I am here today to share a quick winter writing activity. I added this to my writing center this week and my kids have LOVED it, plus it was a great way to review those first semester sight words. 

First, I ordered a HUGE set of white snowballs (aka ping pong balls) from Amazon!

You can get 144 white ping pong balls from Amazon for under $9.I have also seen them at dollar stores before too!

Then, I just wrote a sight word on each snowball and put them in a bucket. 

 Students had to grab a snowball, read the word and write the word on their recording page. EASY!

We also decided colorful snowballs were fun, so they could color too!

You can download a FREE copy of the Sight Word Snowball Activity HERE

This week also enjoyed our Snowman Math Centers.

We have also been learning about matter! We had a special snack on Friday to review solids, liquids and gases. 

We made Purple Cows, which is just a root beer float with grape soda! The ice cream is the solid, the grape soda is the liquid and you can see the gas bubbles in the fizz. We also discussed how solids can change. The ice cream eventually melted and turned into a liquid.

We labeled our Purple Cow snack in our science journal. It was a hit!

The great idea came from Hope King. You can read her blog post on teaching matter HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Snowman Math Centers

Texas Girl can't hang! I am so over the cold, ice and freezing rain. I finally ventured out today and nearly suffered frost bite. However, it did put me in the mood to create my newest product on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I created these activities with my Kinders in mind. Here are the included games:

Snowman Building: Students will build snowmen by matching a number, number word and ten frame. Numbers 1 to 20 are included, plus a chart to help students who may be unable to read number words. 

More and Less Snowman Sort: Students will compare numbers to 20 using this fun Snowman and Snowgirl activity. 

Snowman Shuffle: Students will fill in missing numbers in a given set to 20.

Roll and Build: Students will roll two dice and add the numbers together. They will find the sum on their board and build a tower of unifix cubes to match that number.

Frosty Frames: These ten frames can be used for a variety of games. I usually pair mine with dice and holiday erasers. Students will roll the dice (or 2 or 3) and build the number. 

Sneaky Snowflakes: Students will fill in the missing number in each addition problem (to 10)

These centers will be a great way for us to review numbers 0 to 20! Now I just need to get them laminated, cut and bagged! If you would like to use this product in your classroom CLICK HERE.

Stay warm! : )

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Currently

Happy New Year! 

I am kicking off 2015 by linking up with Farley for January's Currently!

I have working my boo-tay off to get the house ready to put on the market NEXT WEEK (GASP!) I still have a ton more to do, plus get ready to go back to school on Monday. AHHHHH!

Everything in my part of Texas is FROZEN! Which is very rare. I haven't gotten dressed in two days because I can't leave the house anyway! I shouldn't complain though because I have been forced to stay home and work around the house. The weather has made my Lexi extra cuddly and she doesn't understand why I can't lay around all day too! She was really not happy when I washed the sheets and she couldn't lay in bed!

Excuse her "rag-a-muffin-ness," she is still healing from being spayed and can't have a bath or be groomed until next week. At least she is styling in her polka dot sweater!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in my Classroom

It has been a fast and furious December for sure! I have been on the go all month long AND we are trying to get our house on the market in two weeks. I definitely won't be having much of a break this year!  December was a special and fun month in my classroom. Here are a few lots of pictures...

One of my favorite Christmas classroom traditions is our elf on the shelf, Ellie. We even had an elf pet reindeer this year named Oliver. Oliver was really special because we could actually touch him. We loved looking for Ellie each morning and seeing the silly things that she did! Here are a few of my favorite Ellie moments...

She arrived in a sleigh accompanied by Oliver.

She found her place in the alphabet!

She is a Texas Tech fan too!

She made friends with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and...

Pete the Cat!

She built a Christmas tree out of our math manipulatives!

We even found her in the refrigerator one day!

Ellie even inspired some writing!

"Ellie loves Santa. Ellie is kind and she loves the other elves."

Here is our interactive writing about Ellie.

I love making GIANT interactive writing. It just makes it fun for the kids and I also send it home with someone after it has been displayed a while.

We also applied to become elves...

I also sent a paper elf home with each child for them to disguise! They are so creative! 
This elf hid in the popcorn.

This elf was disguised as Elsa. Let it go, let it gooooo...

This elf dressed as a penguin.

This elf hid in a Starbucks cup!

We also made a Christmas count down chain for math. We counted how many nights until Christmas and then put that many loops on the chain. Each night they tear of one loop. The star at the top has a cute little poem that tells parents what to do.  This activity is also perfect for working on those fine motor skills and patterning!

We also worked hard on building numbers to 30. I used these Christmas Tree counting mats all month! They were great to use with manipulatives or play dough!

We also learned about reindeer and of course I had to make a large interactive writing.

We made reindeer dioramas too.

This precious reindeer craft we made to go with our writing was from A Cupcake for the Teacher and you can find it HERE.

And I can't resist a hand print ornament...

We even made my favorite peppermint play dough! This is always a hit! : )

 I just found the recipe on Pinterest and doubled it.

For our Christmas activity, each of my kids got to decorate their own Christmas tree! I have an amazing room mom who pulled everything off! The trees came from Hobby Lobby and I found the tiny light strands at Dollar Tree for a dollar of course. I pinned each child's name to Santa hat for the topper. I bought the Santa hats 90% off last year after Christmas at Target! Hoarding pays off ; ) We asked parents to send the ornaments. 

We divided the ornaments out before the activity so there would be no drama.

The kids LOVED it!!!

Everyone also made a Santa sack for all of their party goodies.

I wasn't at school the day of the Christmas party, which just about killed me! We had a party in Dallas for my husband's new company. It was so fancy and lots of fun!

But, I sure was sad to miss the school party! : ( 
My kids played Christmas BINGO and ate way too many sweets I'm sure! 

I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas Eve! 
Merry Christmas!