Sunday, September 14, 2014

Using Show and Tell to Teach Phonics

Show and Tell is one of those old school teaching ideas that has been around forever! It sticks around though because it is so much fun! Kids LOVE bringing their stuff from home to school AND telling you ALL about it! I'm going to share how I use Show and Tell to teach phonics! : )

Every Friday is Show and Tell Day in my classroom. Show and Tell is based on what letter we are learning that week. Last week we studied the letter L, so my students could bring something that started with the letter L. I communicate about Show and Tell in my weekly newsletter. 

I also send home a reminder note on Thursday. Then Friday is show time! Each child comes to the front of the room and shares their item with us. This is a great importunity to hit some of those listening and speaking TEKS too! I keep a list going on the board of the items that were brought and then I take each child's picture holding the item. After they have shared, their item goes back in their backpack so it is safe and doesn't get them into trouble ; )

Here are some of the items that were brought for Show and Tell Letter L this week...

After everyone has shared their item, we have a really nice list of L words going and we are ready to write. Students have to tell me three words that start with the letter L and have three pictures to match. This writing is really meaningful because they are writing about real items they have just experienced. When kids are struggling to think of words I can also say things like, "Do you remember what Bob brought? What about Helen?" rather than "What starts with the letter L?"

This is a great example of what I am looking for! This friend only knows that each of these words start with the letter L. You can see that his pictures match the word he is trying to spell too! This is huge for the 3rd week of Kindergarten!!! As the year progresses, instead of writing three words with three pictures, we will start writing sentences: L is for ___________. 

Show and Tell is really fun too because the kids can be creative! One of my kids  brought pictures of when they were little because little starts with L! 

After Show and Tell is over, I use the pictures to create a class book based on the letter we were studying. This is a great way to review the letter the following week and remind students of the experience. This week I chose to make to the book using I like _______ sentences. I chose to use I like sentences because those are the popcorn words (sight) words we have been working on. Here is what a page in the book looks like:

At the top of every page, I put the child's name. We have still been working on name recognition so this is just another way to tie in that skill! : ) Then the sentence says I like (whatever they brought). 

We will reread this book this week and discuss L words one more time and then the book will join the classroom library. The kids LOVE reading any book that features them!!! I use Powerpoint to make the books and it's really easy to duplicate the slide and just change the picture and words. It takes me about 15 minutes to create a book. The time is well worth it! : )

Tomorrow we will start the letter 0 and focus on popcorn words: see and the. So our book may sound look this next week...
I see the octopus.
I see the olive.
I see the orange.

I also want to start taking a picture of the chart we create for each letter and including it in the book as well. That way my wall space is spared, but they still have access to an anchor chart we created TOGETHER for each letter! 

Show and Tell has really made Phonics meaningful in my classroom! I hope you can use some of these ideas! : )

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rhyme Time

We have been working hard this week on rhyming words! 
I love, love,LOVE using this book to introduce rhyming words!!!! Click on any of the book covers to purchase the books on Amazon.

It's such a fun read aloud and the kids just laugh and laugh. Did you know that there is a sequel too? 

We even made our own rhyming dust bunnies to go with our own rhyming words.

I love how these turned out! : ) They were a really fun way to assess who was understanding rhyming words and who was still struggling. Here is the craft on Teachers Pay Teachers if you would like to purchase and use in your own classroom too! Just click the picture to visit my store. 

Also, I am going to make a (BIG) effort to try and include the TEKS in blog posts so these activities are easier for you to use!  Here are the Kindergarten rhyming TEKS that this product focuses on:

 K.2C Reading/Beginning Reading Skills/Phonological Awareness. Students display phonological 
awareness. Students are expected to: orally generate rhymes in response to spoken words.

These product includes a few different rhyming writing pages for differentiation. We focused on rhyming with the word cat to start with! : )

Have a great Saturday! Wreck 'em Tech!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pete the Cat and Other Kindergarten Classics

The second week of school is so much easier than the first! We has a really fun week with Pete the Cat and other"Kindergarten classic books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

I absolutely love Pete the Cat and all of the cute videos and songs that go with each book. We started the week with reading, Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. We used the colors chart in out classroom to help us write the different color words.

This was our first attempt at interactive writing! : ) Next each child created their own cat and and wrote a color word to complete the sentence. I have seen tons of cute Pete the Cat crafts on Pinterest, but I just made my own pieces for this one. On all of their displayed work this week, they glued a picture of themselves with their name. This really helps them to recognize name their name (and work) plus learn other friends names too! 

This little friend didn't pick up a body piece, so he got creative! Haha still cute! : )

We also talked about all of the things that Pete the Cat loved in the different stories. Each child chose something at school that they loved to make a class book page. We included Pete in our illustrations too! HERE is the inspiration behind the book pages.

I wrote the word for them in yellow marker and then they traced it with their pencil. I also added a picture of each word. If they said "I love my lunchbox" I glued a picture of a lunchbox under the word lunchbox. It is really important to me that they can reread the book in the classroom library. Pictures really help with print concepts too!

 Here it is all put together! Class books are always a favorite book to read in the library. 

We also read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! We made a craft to go with it using foam letters. 
This is another sweet teacher's kid, so I can use her picture! 

I just love how they turned out! They are so bright in the hallway!

We also read Chicka, Chicka 1,2,3! Here is a little activity I made to go with it!

Super simple! I just passed out different colored dot stickers for the coconuts! I love these rainbow trees! 

You can grab this activity for FREE in my TPT Store! Just click the picture below to download!

This week we also read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? I love this book! It's so simple and just a classic. We completed our first graphing activity using M&Ms and the book characters.

The kids (obviously) really enjoyed it since M&Ms were involved!

We also did the first page in our poetry journal and made a craft to match!

Displaying photo 5.JPG

I love this poem! Here is where I found the poem!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! It is raining here and actually feels like Fall. That must mean I need a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The First Week of Kindergarten

Whew! I have the first week of Kindergarten behind me! It was really nice to have a three day week too. I have a precious class this year and we are off to a great start! Here are some highlights from the first week of Kindergarten!

The week kicked off on Monday with Meet the Teacher. 

Here is my door! The inside says "Mrs. Chesworth's Class Clowns" and each child has a spot with their name on it. Later in the week, I took I picture of each child dressed up in silly circus gear to go on the door. You will see one of my sweet clowns later in the post! 

Here I am ready to be met!

I always have a Meet the Teacher Scavenger Hunt for parents to complete with their child. It includes things like help your child find their table spot and cubby, find the restrooms, etc. I found the idea on Pinterest and I just tweak it a little each year! I also always make a Step Right Up board so parents can donate any extra classroom supplies that we need. This year I ordered a circus cupcake stand ($6 on Amazon!) and printed what I needed on cardstock with circus graphics of course! It was really easy and cute!  

The last thing on the scavenger hunt was to come find me for a hug and surprise. 
 I gave each child a little tub of cotton candy. You can read more about it HERE.

Wednesday was the First Day of School! I set up a little circus tent photo booth for first day pictures. I made it out of plastic tablecloths! 

Me! First Day of Kindergarten, take 3 as a teacher!

I loved how the pictures turned out! And I have the cutest twins in my class!

Of course, we had some first day jitters! Jitter Juice did just the trick! I loved this idea from Babbling Abby at The Inspired Apple.
 Clearly, Jitter Juice was a hit!

I even got First Day of School flowers from my husband.
So sweet!

The rest of the week was fun too!
We made some Classroom Promises and signed our names promising to follow them.

I also took each child's picture in circus gear! 

This little angel is a teacher's child, so I have permission to share her! These pictures are on my Class Clowns door mentioned above. 

We worked with Play-Doh this week too! Another teacher's child brought enough Play-Doh for the class (THANK YOU! THANK YOU!) so each child was able to choose their own container. I taught them how to make a snake family with their Play-Doh.

Next week we will start turning those snakes into the letters in their name!

All of our writing was super simple! We read Pinkalicious and the New Teacher. The kids wrote my name and drew a picture! Here are a few of my favorites:

This is one of my favorite things all year and I still remember doing it when I was in Kindergarten! All week we read different gingerbread man books. Then on Friday, we planned to have gingerbread men for snack, but they ran away! Luckily, they left us clues so we could chase them around the school. My kids were so into it! 

Here we are looking at the library door! The clue is at the top of the door.

Finally, the clues led us back to the classroom where we found our gingerbread men!

We had to hold them super tight for a picture!!! 

It was a wonderful  (and exhausting) first week of Kindergarten!I'm so grateful for the long weekend to rest and play catch up! Have a wonderful weekend! : )